Whitman Family Album

Assembled by P. D. Crowe,Whitmaniac

Inspired by my photographer grandfather, Aubrey S. Whitman, who was born in Canso in 1888, I've made this page devoted to some of the Whitman family pictures I have from my files and yours.
I never met Aubrey; he died before I was born. I like to think he would enjoy the thought of his photos being shared with other Whitman families, and that they are part of this collection.

Any additions to the album are most welcome!
If you would like to contribute to this album but are unable to email your items to me, please contact me about sending a copy by postal mail. Thankyou! Pictures should be of any Whitman family members or direct relatives or of Whitman related items, such as professions, historical documents or items, old locations, etc.

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Please click on the links to go to the corresponding pages,where the picture will be enlarged and have a short description or history.

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There are now FIVE categories to the Family Album:

PEOPLE: Portraits of family members; photos or drawings.
PLACES: Any photos of towns, homesteads, land grants, museums, etc.
ITEMS: Documents such as deeds, marriage certificates, maps, advertisements, any text files relating to Whitmans

{New!} OLD POSTCARDS from NOVA SCOTIA Documents such as deeds, marriage certificates, maps, advertisements, any text files relating to Whitmans

{New!} WHITMAN GRAVESTONES This is a new category I would like to open up. If you have found a Whitman gravestone and want to share it, please contact me to make arrangements.



Abram N. Whitman, son of Abraham Whitman of Canso


Agnes (Whitman)Hardwick


Albert Philo & Virginia Whitman


Andrew Campbell Whitman 


Andrew Campbell and wife Hazel Irene Wallace Whitman 


Annis Saunders


Arthur Handfield Whitman


Asaph Whitman 


Reverend Asaph Whitman


Asa Whitman and his wife Mary Eliza Beals 


Aubrey S. Whitman and wife Marcia Hall, 1918 


Aubrey S. Whitman in Delaware, abt. 1940 


Aubrey S.Whitman, a portrait on the seashore of Nova Scotia  


Charles B. Whitman, Author of "The Annapolis Valley Whitmans" 


Family of Charles B.Whitman,
Author of "The Annapolis Valley Whitmans"  


Clara (Whitman)Gratto and her family 


Clara Whitman Lane 


Clement H.Whitman, the man who built the Whitman House at Canso 


Clement St. Clair Whitman and wife Sarah Worth, New Glasgow, NS, abt 1916 


Dimock Whitman 


E. C. Whitman, First Mayor of Canso, Nova Scotia; grandson of Abraham Whitman 


Elma Whitman 


Freeman Tupper Whitman 

George and Ruby 

George Whitman and his wife Ruby 


George Whitman & Sisters 


George Whitman & Family 


Hannah Maria (Norris) Armstrong, NS Missionary to Burma 


Helena Whitman and her husband John Epley 


Henry Saunders 


James Whitman 


Jane Whitman 


John Wade Whitman 


Joshua Whitman: The Ohio Whitmans 


Lavinia (Hart) Whitman, wife of Abram N. Whitman 


Leander Whitman as a Child 


Leander Morse Whitman, age 18 


Leland Perry Whitman 


Leslie Whitman 


Matilda and Lucinda Whitman and Their Children 


Mitty Whitman 


Morris Whitman,his wife Clara Barton, and child, Ruth, circa 1915 


Olivia Whitman, wife of Clement H. Whitman 


Patten Saunders Whitman 


Lieutenant Colonel Philip L. Whitman, son of Arthur Handfield Whitman 


Rachel (Whitman) Saunders 


Ranaldo Eugene Whitman and wife Elizabeth S. Carey, circa 1900 

Ruth Whitman Eastman 

Ruth Whitman Eastman: 1930 Confirmation Picture 

Sam Milton Whitman and Family 

Sam Milton Whitman and Family of Buffalo Creek, MO 

{sarah manning} 

Sarah (Bigelow) Manning, daughter of Sarah Whitman 

Susan Killiam 

Susan Killiam 

Thomas Whitman 

Thomas Whitman 


Virginia Whitman with her husband Albert Philo 


Wallace William Whitman (son of AC whitman) wedding to Mary Josephine Jacobs Whitman 

{1915 Reunion} 

Whitman Family Reunion 1915, Scranton, Pennsylvania 


William Whitman, Assemblyman of Nova Scotia, 1904 


William Harrison Whitman and his family, circa 1885 


William Wallace Whitman 


William Wallace Whitman, with horse Dolly  


Complete Online Gallery of Walt Whitman Photos 


Zoeth Freeman Whitman 

Link to Rita Whitman's "Whitman Photo Album" with many more photos!


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The Church of "John Whitman of Weymouth" in Holt, England 


The site of the original Whitman land grant at Annapolis, Nova Scotia 


The Church at Round Hill 


A. N. Whitman's Store, Canso, NS 


United Baptist Church in New Ross, NS  


George Craft Whitman's House 


Cable House at Canso 


Administraion Building of Acadia College 


Acadia College at Wolfville 


Leander Morse Whitman's House 


Valentine Whitman Jr.'s House 

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Copy of an old Land Grant Document 


Samuel Whitman: Document from 1806: "Unfit for Service" 


Samuel Whitman: Receipt for his mother's coffin (!) 


Samuel Whitman: Document: Deed of Mortgage 1743 


A letter to Joshua Whitman, a Civil War soldier 


Samuel Whitman: Document of Samuel leaving money 


1771 Paystub for James Wightman 


Tuition receipt for Catherine Whitman, 1811 

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Old Postcards &
Pictures from Nova Scotia:

The following pages are made up of old postcards and pictures of things and places from Nova Scotia. I started collecting them a while ago on ebay and decided to share them with you here. There is not much information on the pages, basically just the name of the place and a larger picture. If you'd like to volunteer to write a caption for the picture, please do!
Just EMAIL ME with what you've written and I will post it with your name as the submitter of the information.

Here are the first pages of this new category:


Annapolis: 17th Century Painting 


Annapolis: Sally's Port 


Amherst Post Office 


Amherst: Barkers Block 


Amherst: Hewson Woolen Mill 


Argyle, Yarmouth County, NS
Main Street 


Bear River, Digby, NS 


Bridgewater, Le Havre 


Bridgewater Schooners 


First Locomotive in Nova Scotia 


Halifax Explosion (many pictures, takes a little longer to load) 


Liverpool Post Office, Queens County, NS 

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Whitman Gravestones: {New!}

This is a new category I have just opened up; a page for Whitman cemetery markers. Pleasecontact me if you have a contribution to share. Many people are incapable of travelling to where the grave marker might be seen, so this is an easy passage to places that hold much sentimental and historical value.

Here are the first pages of this new category:


Spinney Whitman's Grave, Old Burying Ground, Canso, NS, Canada 


Spinney's Grave, a different view 


Caroline Nelson Harris Whitman; wife of Spinney Whitman, Old Burying Ground, Canso, NS, Canada 


Gravestone of John and Dorcas Whitman,  

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