Dimock Whitman

Last Will and Testament of Dimock Whitman:
From “PURDY” List of Genealogical Records
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"19 Dec 1896: LWT of Dimock WHITMAN of Round Hill, farmer, dated 12 Sep 1894 (a very long will). Wife: Annie F. Left estate to his children: 1. Sarah Jane HEALY wife of John H. HEALY and their children: Grace HEALY, Nettie HEALY, Fannie HEALY, Rosie HEALY; 2. Hattie McGEE wife of Thomas McGEE and their children: Frederick McGEE and Earnest McGEE; 3. Isaac WHITMAN and his wife Maria and their children: Hattie WHITMAN and Reginald WHITMAN; 4. Emily WHITMAN; 5. Rupert WHITMAN; 6. Asaph WHITMAN and his wife Ida and their children: Dimock WHITMAN and Mabel WHITMAN; 7. Fannie NEWHALL; 8. Joseph WHITMAN and his wife Ella and their daughter Eva WHITMAN; 9. Burpee WHITMAN and his wife Maggie and their son Dimock WHITMAN and two unnamed daughters; 10. Edward WHITMAN and his wife Bessie and their children: Bessie WHITMAN and Edward WHITMAN; 11. William WHITMAN and his wife Selina and their daughter Laura WHITMAN. And to the following step-daughters: 1. Maria PURDY the wife of Emerson PURDY and their daughter Lena PURDY; 2. Ada BUCKLER the wife of Millidge BUCKLER and their daughter Florence BUCKLER; 3. Bertha WELLS the wife of George WELLS Junior. And to his grandson Alfred WHITMAN for his son Charles Dimock WHITMAN. Baptists. #. @ Page 273, will probated. Estate Folio W209 (1896)."

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