Joshua Whitman

and " The Ohio Whitmans "



Contributed by Ralph Mendenhall:
"I have some pictures of the Whitmans in Ohio but my mother has a lot more.
I also have a letter to Joshua E.Whitman from Pa Whitman when Josh was in the civil war. He was stationed at Columbia Tenn. with the 1st U.S. Army corp. of engineer veteran volunteers.But I don`t know who Pa is. His 1st name might be Josh also.There are 5 Joshs in the Miami valley in the 1850 census index.
Josh E. was born in 1848. Died 1911 in Shelby Co., Ohio.He also named one of his sons Josh. The family story is the Whitmans came from Nova Scotia.

Ralph Mendenhall Mojave Ca."  

The Letter

The envelope and postmark

All Grown Up: This is Mary Zada from the front row in the group picture

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