E. C. Whitman


  E. C. Whitman was a prosperous man who, with his brothers, C. H. Whitman and Arthur N. Whitman, carried on the family business at Canso. Prior to its incorporation, the town of Canso was basically owned by the Whitman family, and so they objected strongly to the incorporation, as it meant the citizens would then have to pay taxes. The community prevailed with the incorporation, however, and immediately petitioned E. C. to serve as the mayor. He held this post for ten years, and the town continued to prosper under his guidance.
This photo is taken from the Canso News of May, 1912, commemorating the one hundredth year of the Whitman business at Canso. The booklet was left to us by Aubrey Whitman, my grandfather. Until just last year when I started to do some serious research into the family origins, we had always thought that E. C. was our great grandfather because there is a small pencilled "X" next to his photo in the booklet. What a surprise to find he had no children..! 

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