Samuel Milton Whitman and Family


Sam Milton Whitman  
   Sam Milton Whitman and Family

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This is Sam Milton Whitman and his third wife Annie.

Samuel Milton Whitman was married 3 times:

1st wife was Alice Jane Maynard
2nd wife was Sarah J. McNyre
3rd wife was Eliza Ann Lockhart (pictured).
The people standing around him are his children, their husbands and theirchildren.
The picture was taken in Neosho, MO on the Whitman family farm.
The date of the picture I really don't have any idea.
Buffalo Creek is the name of the creek that runs through that area.
I grew up hearing it referred to as "down on Buffalo".
I can remember going to visit my grandparents there as a child,
since my grandfather bought it and my mother was raised there.

Contributed by Janice Caddy

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