Clement H. Whitman


  Clement H. Whitman, grandson of Abraham Whitman who established the Whitman business at Canso in 1812, was a man of high regard in his community. When the church was building a new home for the pastor, the funding ran out and Clement, a wealthy merchant and one of the three owners of A. N.Whitman and Sons, took over the building. He gave his own home to the church and he and his wife Olivia moved into what has since been known as the "Whitman House" on Union St. in Canso.

At the time of its building, it was the grandest home in the area, with stained glass windows, carved woodwork throughout, and a widow's walk on top for Mr. Whitman to watch his ships come and go out of the harbor.
An impressive double parlor served as a meeting place for cultural and church events for many years. He and his wife Olivia were childless, living alone in the house with several servants who maintained the residence.

With his brother E. C. Whitman, mayor of Canso, Clement partnered the Whitman business for many years, and was the Stipendiary Magistrate of the town beginning at its incorporation in 1901. The oldest surviving graduate of the Horton Academy of Acadia University, he was greatly interested in promoting the fresh fish business. He died at the age of 86 in 1932, after a brief illness, preceeded a few months by his wife.

Their fine home fell into disrepair over the years and at one time was sold for pennies on the dollar. Today it is being restored back to its original grandeur and houses the Canso Historical Society. Daily tours are available at the "Whitman House Museum". 

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