Aubrey S. Whitman and his wife Marcia Hall, 1918



Aubrey S. Whitman, the son of Clement St. Clair Whitman and Sarah Worth of Canso Nova Scotia, was born in June of 1888. He was an excellent photographer and studied at McMinnville, TN.
Homeward bound from school, he stopped into Marcia's church in Pottsville, PA. Her father invited him home for dinner and they fell in love and were married in 1916. For a time, they lived in Nova Scotia, where Aubrey opened a photography studio on Prince Street in Truro.
Marcia did not fare well with the cold winters, so the couple relocated in Wilmington, DE and lived there until his young death in 1942. Marcia never remarried and joined him in 1972.
Aubrey left behind a trunkful of intriguing photos of various cities, occupations as well as the images and industries of his family and people of Nova Scotia.


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