Fifth Generation (Continued)

Family of Abiah WHITMAN (10) & Mary FORD

42. Elizabeth WHITMAN.[6] Born in 1673 in Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Mass.

Elizabeth married Timothy Cooper[6]. Timothy Cooper died in 1726 in Easton, Mass. Cause of death: died "in the wheel pit" of the saw mill of which he owned 3/4 interest.

He settled in Easton around 1699 on land that Abiah Whitman gave to him.
In 1713, Timothy was a 3/4 owner with John Daily of the saw mill on the green. He was killed in the "wheel pit" sometime around 1726. As he was known as a very "rough" man, many folks believed his tragic ending was a just reward for his sinful ways.

43. Lydia WHITMAN.[5] Born in 1678 in Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Mass. Lydia died in 1750, she was 72.

Lydia married Capt. John THOMAS[5]. John died on 4 Oct 1714. Occupation: Ship commander of the ship that brough the Prince of Orange to England.

Capt. Thomas was a respected shipmaster. When he had just arrived in Boston, he saw Lydia walking on the street and instantly captivated, he sought her out and soon after married her. They maintained a very fine home near her father's in the town of Braintree. He is said to have commanded the ship which brought the Prince of Orange to England.

They had the following children:
159 i. Andrew (1702-)
160 ii. John (1709-1782)
161 iii. Lydia (1710-)
162 iv. Mary (1714-1734)

44. John WHITMAN.[5] Born in 1681. John died in 1758, he was 77.

Settled in Easton; his house was built near Whitman's or Manley's Brook on land laid out by his father in 1704; he also held land in the name of his father for nearly a mile up and down the stream. In 1758 he sold his homestead to Paul Packard. This was the site upon which the Baptists erected a meeting house in 1767. HIs will executed 12 July 1758 and proven 14 Aug 1758 mentions his wife Jane, sons John, Terah and Jacob, his daughters Sarah Owen, Mary and Rebecca Randall; appoints his son Terah executor. In 1759 Samuel Philips was appointed guardian of Jacob and Rebecca, 2d, minors; his widow married 26 Sept. 1769, Eben Dunham.

On 25 Mar 1713 when John was 32, he first married Rebecca MANLEY[4], daughter of William MANLEY. Born on 6 Mar 1687. Rebecca died on 29 Aug 1742, she was 55.

Rebecca was from Weymouth.

They had the following children:
163 i. John (1714-)
164 ii. Terah (1717-1805)
165 iii. Rebecca (1719-<1751)
166 iv. Sarah (1721-)
167 v. Mary Jane (1724-1761)

On 4 Sept 1750 or 1752 when John was 69, he second married Jane (Jean) CHAPLIN[4].

They had the following children:
168 i. Rebecca (1751-)
169 ii. Jacob (1753-1842)

45. Mary WHITMAN.[5] Born on 14 Oct 1683.

Mary married John DAILEY[5].

He and Mary settled in Easton on land given by Abiah; he lived just east of the brook near Stone-house hill; in 1713 he purchased an interest in the saw mill at the green from Thomas Randall,2nd and transferred it to his brother-in-law Cooper;was at one time a licensed inn holder;was a prominent citizen of the town, holding many offices;was town treasurer for five years, selectman, two years, deer constable, one yea; June 28 1718 was one of a committee of seven appointed to select a site for a church; his will of Dec 18, 1757 mentions his wife as weak in mind and body and appoints his son John and brother-in-law Abiah executors; he and his wife were both buried in the old burying ground

They had the following children:
170 i. John
171 ii. Miriam
172 iii. Martha
173 iv. Mehitable
174 v. Daniel

46. Zechariah WHITMAN.[4],[5] Born on 2 Jan 1685.

He settled on lands in Easton bequeathed him by his father, who, for some reason, placed him under the tutelage of his brothers John and Abiah. He never married, and no record has been found of his death.

47. Eleanor WHITMAN.[5] Born on 3 Sep 1688.

On 10 Sep 1714 when Eleanor was 26, she married William TURNER[5], son of John TURNER & Hannah (TURNER). Born in 1686 in Easton.

They had the following children:
175 i. Mary (1715-)
176 ii. Eleanor
177 iii. Hannah (1719-)
178 iv. Margaret (1722-)
179 v. Elizabeth (1722-)
180 vi. Joanna (1725-)
181 vii. George (1728-)
182 viii. Abiah (1690-1770)

48. Deacon Abiah WHITMAN.[5] Born on 30 Nov 1690 in Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Mass. Abiah died in Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Mass on 30 Jan 1770, he was 79.

On 28 Oct 1715 when Abiah was 24, he first married Ruth PITTEE[5], daughter of William PITTEE & Mary PORTER, in Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Mass.[5] Born in 1695 in Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Mass. Ruth died in Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Mass on 15 Sep 1738, she was 43.

Abiah second married Sarah REED[5], daughter of Thomas REED & Hannah RANDALL. Born on 1 Aug 1715 in Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Mass. Sarah died in Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Mass on 1 Apr 1788, she was 72.

They had the following children:
183 i. Abiah (1741-)
184 ii. Ruth (1743-1751)
185 iii. Sarah (1745-1751)
186 iv. William (1748-1751)
187 v. Sarah (1752-1825)
188 vi. Ruth (1755-)

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