Fifth Generation (Continued)

Family of Rev. Zechariah WHITMAN (9) & Sarah ALCOCK

33. Zecheriah WHITMAN. Born on 22 Feb 1672. Zecheriah died in 1752, he was 79.

On 6 Jan 1702-3 when Zecheriah was 29, he first married Sarah FITCH[4], in Milford, CT. Sarah died on 27 Nov 1705.

They had the following children:
139 i. Zecheriah (1704-1704)
140 ii. Sarah (1705-1740)

On 18 Mar 1706 when Zecheriah was 34, he second married Damaris CARMEN[4].

They had one child:
141 i. Damaris (1711-)

Zecheriah third married Hannah ____[4].

They had the following children:
142 i. Hannah
143 ii. Elizabeth (1715-)
144 iii. Frances (1720-)

34. John WHITMAN. Born in 1674. John died in 1684, he was 10.

This John's gravestone was apparently inscribed personally by his father, and is the oldest stone in the Hull cemetery. It was accidentally discovered when a new road was being made, and the stone was then put in its proper place by Mr. C. J. F. Binney of Boston.

35. Rev. Samuel WHITMAN. Born in 1677. Samuel died on 31 Jul 1751, he was 74. Education: Graduated Harvard in 1696.

Was said to have been a tutor at Harvard for a short time. He was employed as a teacher of the Grammar School at Salem where he most likely remained until being called to preach at Farmington, CT, which was one of the largest and wealthiest towns in the state. He had a high repute as a clergyman and was much loved by his congregation. HIs name is among the early subscribers to Prince's Chronology, and wass ranked among the first literary men of New England; interested in all matters of education and culture.During his ministry, the second meeting house was begun in 1709 and completed in 1714.
The one controversy in his ministry was his objection to "the new way of singing the psalms" and the church voted to continue to sing the psalms in "the former way", not the "new way" that had been intriduced by the churches in Boston.
He had by bequest one half of his father's land in Stowe and was appointed executor of the will. HIs homestead stood on the main street in the rear of the Savings Bank
(by Farnam's account) and the property on which it stood remained in the family until after 1863. "His felicity was consummated by the settlement of his children in the vicinity in which he lived, and seeing them highly respected and prosperous."
He died from an attack of dysentery, at that time almost an epidemic, at the age of 75, leaving seven children.

On 19 Mar 1707 when Samuel was 30, he married Sarah STODDARD[4], daughter of Rev. Solomon STODDARD & Esther WARHAM. Born on 1 Apr 1680. Sarah died on 10 Sep 1755, she was 75.

Sarah joined the church at Farmington by letter, 11 Feb. 1710

They had the following children:
145 i. Elnathan (1709-1777)
146 ii. Solomon (1710-1803)
147 iii. Eunice (1712-)
148 iv. John (1713-1800)
149 v. Samuel (1716-1751)
150 vi. Sarah (1718-1808)
151 vii. Elizabeth (1721-1795)

36. John WHITMAN.[4] Born in 1688. John died on 3 Aug 1772, he was 84.

John first married Mary GRAVES, daughter of Charles GRAVES. Mary died on 24 Nov. 1716 aged 17 yr. 9 mo. (note: updated 4/5/01)

They had one child:
153 i. Jacob (1716-1802)

John second married Dorcas GREEN, daughter of Capt. Jacob GREEN. Born in Charleston Mass. Dorcas died on 18 Oct 1718. (note: updated 4/5/01)

They had one child:
152 i. John (1717-1763)

John third married Margaret (CLARK) DAMON[4], daughter of Rev. Thomas CLARK. Born in 1692. Margaret died on 16 Oct 1758, she was 66.

They had the following children:
154 i. Lucy (1718-)
155 ii. Thomas (1720-)
156 iii. Zechariah (1722-1793)
157 iv. Jean (1724-)
158 v. Charles (1731-)

37. Eunice WHITMAN.[4] Born on 10 Apr 1696. Eunice died on 5 Oct 1734, she was 38.

38. Joanna WHITMAN.

Joanna married Ephraim or John HUNT.

39. Mary WHITMAN.[4]

On 22 Oct 1713 Mary married Nathaniel JACOBS[4]. Born in Hull, Mass.

40. Sarah WHITMAN. Sarah died on 29 Sep 1784 in Hull, Mass.

She lived with and took care of her father until his death, and probably died without issue.

Sarah first married _______ COCKS.

Sarah second married Lieut. Robert GOULD Sr.[4].

Sarah was his third wife

41. Elizabeth WHITMAN.[4] Elizabeth died on 19 Nov 1708 in Hull, Mass.

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