Sixth Generation (Continued)

Family of John WHITMAN (36) & Margaret (CLARK) DAMON

154. Lucy WHITMAN.[4] Born on 1 Jan 1718.

Lucy married HARRIS[4].

155. Thomas WHITMAN.[4] Born on 18 Mar 1720. Occupation: Physician.

156. Zechariah WHITMAN.[4] Born on 18 Nov 1722. Zechariah died on 14 Jan 1793, he was 70.

He settled on a portion of his father's lands and received by inheritance one half of his father's pine lands and a portion of the livestock. [4]

Zechariah married Elizabeth GATES[4]. Born in 1727. Elizabeth died on 16 Jun 1791, she was 64.[4]

They had the following children:
385 i. Zechariah (1747-1806)
386 ii. Jane (1748-)
387 iii. Elizabeth (1750-)
388 iv. Thomas (1754-1821)
389 v. Edward (1753-1805)
390 vi. Margaret (1755-)
391 vii. Lucy (1758-1848)
392 viii. Anna (1760-)
393 ix. Sarah (1764-)
394 x. Susannah (1762-)
395 xi. John (1764-)
396 xii. Daniel (1765-1829)
397 xiii. Lydia
398 xiv. Mercy
399 xv. Mary (1756-1822)

157. Jean WHITMAN.[4] Born on 25 Nov 1724.

158. Dr. Charles WHITMAN.[4] Born in 1731 in Stow, Middlesex Co. Mass.

Dr. Charles Whitman was a man of great dignity of manner and very particular in his dress. He always wore a long dark green coat with silver buttons, silver knee buckles, and his hair in a cue, of which he was always very exacting in the braiding thereof. He always had to have the hair braided a particular way and always with fresh ribbons which had to be three and one half yards long. During his last sickness, his daughter, weary of the care of the braid, cut it off; an act for which he never forgave her. He had a slight speech impediment which caused him to speak with great deliberation. When he would prescribe for a patient, he would speak in a formula such as, "I think, madame, upon the account, upon the account of it, that you need so-and-so." HIs first wife died in 1785 and the next year he married Catherine Davis, the widow of Rev. Dr. Swift of Billerica. During the last years of his life, his mind became impaired and his propperty was placed in the hands of a committee by Order of the Court. His son, Dr. Charles, Jr., was appointed his guardian. He died in 1807 aged 76, and his wife survived him many years.

Charles married Anna STEPHENS[4].

A direct descendant of Pocohantas[4]

They had the following children:
400 i. Isaac
401 ii. Isaac
402 iii. Catherine
403 iv. Eunice
404 v. Lois
405 vi. Dorcas
406 vii. Hannah
407 viii. Jane
408 ix. Charles
409 x. Betty
410 xi. Anna

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