Whitman Families
of Nova Scotia
By P. D. Crowe


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First Generation
Second Generation
Third Generation
Fourth Generation
Fifth Generation
Sixth Generation
Map of Nova Scotia Sources


You are looking into the face of Abraham Newed Whitman, the grandson of John "Deacon" Whitman. His father, John "Deacon's" son Abraham, was a most influential businessman who started his fishing business at Canso in 1812. These pages of "Whitmania" will list many of the descendants of John "Deacon" Whitman, and contain lots of interesting history of the lives of the Whitmans in Nova Scotia. Though there will always be much more information to transcribe and upload, I wanted to get this page started online. More pages and links will be added along the way. Hopefully many of you will find your ancestors here.

Because my goal (or mania, as some would say) is to create a large and true Whitman online research area, I welcome your contributions of information, corrections, documentation, photos, genealogy --anything related to the Whitman family history or Nova Scotian culture.


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