First Generation

1. "Deacon" John WHITMAN. Born on 21 Sep 1717 in Stow, Middlesex Co. Mass. John died in Annapolis, NS on 12 Sep 1763, he was 45.

A Planter, "Deacon" John Whitman emigrated to Annapolis, NS, 17 May 1760 on the sloop "Charming Molly" with his wife Mercy Foster and their children. They brought 2 oxen, 10 sheep, 1 pig, 4 calves, and 6 lambs with them on the rough journey.
The trip was a rough one, as detailed in the "Diary of the Charming Molly", by Henry Evans. There is an article about the diary at my Whitmania site.
In 1747 when John was 29, he married Mary / "Mercy" FOSTER, daughter of Daniel FOSTER (13 Apr 1705-30 Apr 1752) & Hannah BLACK. Born on 14 Aug 1727 in Stafford, CT. Mary / "Mercy" died in Annapolis on 24 Dec 1812, she was 85.

Mercy was left alone with several children to raise after her husband's death. She is listed in the census of Nova Scotia in 1770-1787 with a household of ten persons; three of them listed as born in NS, and seven as born in the USA
Because John died so soon after the family arrived at Annapolis, his land grant was divided among his sons.
They had the following children:
2 i. Dorcas (1749-)
3 ii. Daniel (1750-1840)
4 iii. Hannah (1751-)
5 iv. Edward (1752-1822)
6 v. John (1753-)
7 vi. Salome (1755-1831)
vii. Elnathan. Born in 1756. Elnathan died in 1765, he was 9.

8 viii. Jacob (1757-1837)
ix. Isaac. Born in 1758. Isaac died in 1777, he was 19.

9 x. Abraham (1761-1854)
10 xi. Mercy (1763-1828)


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