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Name Edward WHITMAN[15],[29], 497, M
Birth 1520, Albury, Hurts, England[28],[29]
Death 1567-1612 Age: 47
Father UNNAMED, 501, M (~1463-<1549)
Mother Alice AXTELL, 500, F (1462-1522)
1 Bridget KELLEND/KELLOND, 498, F
Birth 1519-1544, England
Death 1568-1632, England[29],[28] Age: 49
Father Ralph KELLEND, 499, M
Marriage 1551-1583, England
Children: Abijah, 496, M (1560-1625)
Notes for Edward WHITMAN
This man may very well have been "the martyr" who was burned at the stake in 1572 in Ostend during the Inquisition for his fanatical preaching which enraged the officials of the Roman Catholic Church. However, in Farnam's book, Farnam names him "John Whitman". This genealogy linking him to John Whitman of Weymouth is gathered from Ray Ezell's genealogy, for which the source was the WFT. At any rate, there are both references to "the martyr", and whichever source you wish to choose. If this was indeed the man's end, it is possible it was a catalyst for his family to remove to the New World. Ray Ezell has Edward Whitman's parents listed as Henry Whitman born abt. 1463 died bef. May 1549 and his mother as Alice Axtell, born 1462-1498 and died 1522-1585. Bridget Kellend/Kellond, Edward's wife, is listed as being the daughter of Ralph Kellend. The ancestral files at LDS also have this information, though I try to digest those files "with a grain of salt" and regard the files as clues rather than documented "proof". I am including Edward here because there are apparently two sources which list him as a direct progenitor, and being as it is difficult to produce evidence from this era in time, it is interesting that two sources state him as a relative of the more documented individuals of this line.
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