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Name Thomas WHITMAN, 81, M
Birth 1629, England
Death 17 Nov 1712, Bridgewater, Plymouth, Mass Age: 83
Father John (Deacon & Ens.) WHITMAN, 79, M (1602-1692)
Mother Ruth, 80, F (-1662)
1 Abigail BYRAM, 128, F
Father Nicholas BYRAM, 322, M
Mother Martha SHAW, 564, F
Marriage 22 Nov 1656
Children: John, 235, M (1658-)
Ebenezer, 234, M (~1673-1713)
Nicholas, 664, M (~1675-1746)
Susannah, 236, F
Mary, 237, F
Naomi, 238, F (-<1727)
Hannah, 239, F (-1712)
Notes for Thomas WHITMAN
Born in England; came to USA in 1641 with his mother; lived in Bridgewater, Mass. in 1662 Made freeman in 1653 at Boston. Sold his Weymouth farm in 1662 and moved to Bridgewater with his father-in-law Nicholas Byram (who probably came over with John Whitman from England) . The place he settled has since been called "Whitman's Neck", which was about 200 acres between the Sautucket and Matfield Rivers, coming to a point at their junction. He stayed there for 50 years. His first house, a log cabin, was burnt by the Indians. The second, also a log cabin, was only lived in a few years. The third was built in 1680 and was occupied for four generations. This home was the birthplace of 36 children.
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