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History of the Descendants of John Whitman of Weymouth, Mass

by Charles H. Farnum - first published in 1889

Probably the BEST source of WHITMAN history in the USA before 1890 in.the.world!
Thank you archive.org!

Whitman Internet Family Tree
Whitmania Internet Tree
Now includes a link the British Royal Family Tree!
Thousands of Whitmans and Whitman related family members; just the simple facts. Are you a cousin? Are you descended from the Royals?

The Whitman Martyr to John "Deacon" Whitman: A Genealogy
Ten generations of Whitman Ancestors
from the Whitmans in England and John Whitman of Weymouth to the generation of
John "Deacon" Whitman, who sailed on the "Charming Molly" in 1760 from Massachusetts to settle
his family in Annapolis, Nova Scotia

Beyond Here Be Dragons
Here is a file authored by Alan Whitman. It charts the Whitman/Weightman name back through the centuries and into the mists of time.

Whitman/Wightman Family in America
The Daniel, George and Valentine Whitman/Wightman descendants:
The generations of the Wightmans in America, written and contributed by Roy Whitman

Whitman Families of Nova Scotia
As promised, the Whitman families of Nova Scotia beginning with the family of
John "Deacon" Whitman and Mercy Foster.
This is a work in progress; you are invited to help fill in the spaces.
PLEASE SEE "The Whitman Family Internet Tree" (above)

Bob Hegerich's Whitman List
Recently Updated!
A list of Whitmans from Bob Hegerich's Family Tree
Bob Hegerich has a family tree rich in Whitmans and related families,
including lines that are not carried by my own family tree. Join for free Contributed by Bob Hegerich

Walt Whitman's Genealogy
An essay on the genealogy of Walt Whitman
Written and contributed by author Brian Whitman

"The Annapolis Valley Whitmans" by Charles B. Whitman
The whole book by Charles B. Whitman
Now Online.. a WHITMANIA! exclusive.

I have finished the retouching of the page images of the online book. But I'm pleased to find they read better.
Thanks again to Brian Whitman for allowing me permission to put the book online,
to Arthur Clayton for scanning the images,
and to John Hugh Whitman, Son of Charles B. Whitman, for the index and pictures.

You will find the images at THE PAGES.

Don't forget to check out The "Annapolis" Page. This is the introduction to the book and there's a wealth of information there.


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