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Roy Whitman: My Brother's Tree ~ Updated 11-10-02
A page by Roy Whitman donated to WHITMANIA!
His site "My Brother's Tree" is now offline.
and he has donated its information to WHITMANIA!
Roy is also a regular contributor to keeping WHITMANIA! online.
Thank you Roy !

Two Whitman Families
Contributed by Rod Davis
Two Whitman Families.. Specifically The descendants of Sarah Alcock and Sarah Ketcham...many names here; especially NY Whitmans
Thank you Rod!

Rita Whitman's Genealogy Page
Contributed by Rita Whitman via the Web Archive

She has provided the genealogy of her Nova Scotia Whitmans not listed in my tree. Perhaps you will find a missing relative or two?
Thank you for the hard work that you did, Rita. We miss you very much.

If you go to the HOME PAGE, (above), only certain links are working:

Whitman Photo Album
Whitman Family Tree Surnames
History of the John Whitman House

Perhaps trying the archive at a later time will produce more results. I am working off of a save from October 2009. There are more saves to explore.

There is another link to Rita's Pages: Rita Whitman's Family Tree This is the best link, I believe. I miss her.

Intensive Google Search for Keyword: Whitman
Explore these pages if you dare...!

Another site to find WHITMANs....Lots of Whitmans! By birth date and otherwise.
Look! Lots of Whitmans 1800 onward... in the U.S.!!


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