Roy's Whitman's web site "My Brother's Tree" is now offline, but he continues to contribute and support Whitmania!

The web site details the Whitman family along the lines of Valentine Whitman. He has graciously donated his information and transferred it to Whitmania! for safekeeping so that the Whitman data will be located in one place.
Thank you Roy!

Many of you already know Roy Whitman as an informative and enthisiastic contributor to the Whitman Message Board and and the Whitman Family Forum , but he is an avid writer as well. You can read some of his work on the following pages and hopefully find an ancestor or cousin. Surely you will be entertained by his style and come away with a greater appreciation of just how far-reaching our Whitman lines are.

"The Whitmans in Politics" by Roy Whitman

"The Whitman/Wightman Family in America" by Roy Whitman

"The Early History of Tripp's Park, Hyde Park, and Providence Scranton, Pennsylvania" by Roy Whitman

"The Battles of Rhode Island And Wyoming" by Roy Whitman

"The History of the Whitmans in Scranton, PA" by Roy Whitman

"The Deathbed Soliloquy of Stephen Whitman" by Roy Whitman

"A Particular Line of Whitmans from George Whitman, the Immigrant" by Roy Whitman