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Guysboro County Genealogy
A extremely well done web site with tons of links to genealogy, history and culture
of the Nova Scotia County of Guysboro.

Nova Scotia Archive Records Management
A Place For Research!

Nova Scotia Genealogy Resources by County
This link takes you directly to "The Nova Scotia Genealogy Resources Page" files
You can click on the county of your interest..

The History of Canso, Nova Scotia
Canso, Nova Scotia, location of A. N. Whitman and Sons, a thriving shipping business empire of the 1800's as referenced by our friend, Google

The Transatlantic Cable Story
Be sure to check out the link to Local History

The Transatlantic Cable in Canso,
Nova Scotia: Historical Timeline (scroll down to get the timeline)

A Timeline Chart of the History of Canso and the Transatlantic Cable

Whitman's Wharf Bed and Breakfast
Whitman's Wharf Bed and Breakfast, owned by Elizabeth Measures is a wonderful place to stay in Canso, NS. I stayed there in 2005 when I attended the Stan Rogers Folk Festival. I had an elegant time. :)

The Whitman House in Canso
When in Canso, be sure to visit Martha Kavanaugh to see the wonderful
collection of Whitman items in this fine old house built by C. H. Whitman.

Shipbuilding in the Maritimes
Types of ships built in the Maritimes and the methods used

Bryan Keddy's Family Tree
Great new web page focusing on Halifax
by Bryan Keddy

Virtual Tour of Nova Scotia
This NEW LINK to the Nova Scotian government tourism site will take you touring on some scenic trails throughout the province. Try it out... it's neat!
Hint: Hit the "Start the Show" button at the bottom of the page to begin.

Nova Scotia's "Electronic Attic"
Nova Scotia's Electronic Attic... can you stand it?
Ivan Smith's *very interesting* site FILLED with links to wonderful NS things!


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