A Message From PD pd!

You've probably noticed that this site has been growing and changing.

I want to thank each one of you who have had a hand in that.
Together, we are amazing. The
Whitman Family Album has grown larger with each donation and article sent to me.

Unfortunately due to the INCONSIDERATE IDIOCY of spammers I am no longer able to communicate or receive
any messages or donations of information from you.

Because they can't be content with their (stolen?) email lists, they have been attacking genealogy sites for some time now, causing me and other publishers much time and expense to rewrite hundreds of pages of code, to weed them out. Accordingly, I have shut down my contact form while I rewrite my pages. I am sad that it also cuts the ties between me and you.

I am very sorry to have to cut off this vital avenue because you have been such wonderful and helpful readers. I do hope you will refer friends and family members to this site for as long as I am able to be online.

Thank you all for helping me to put this information online for the last 24 years.