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anna animated Welcome to the My Beagle Pet netring homepage! If you find yourself saying "A-ROOO" a lot and your pet beagle rules your household this is the page where you can list your beagle's web page. All these pages are about a beagle pet; those we own or have owned. Enjoy!

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We are a new ring... please come help us grow! Here is a list of our members:

#1 Anna T. Beagle: Guardian of the Garden
Come join the fun with Anna T. Beagle as she reveals a very loyal personal side to guarding a garden.
Barking lessons are included. A-ROOOO!

#2 Anni the Beagle
Anni the beagle!

#3 Boofy does Manhattan
Visit Manhattan with Boofy the beagle.

#4 Super Trooper
Trooper the rescue beagle

#5 Clarence's homepage
A site about my beagle, Clarence

#6 Glenn's BeaglePage
A site about Chips the wonder dog, a beagle extraodinaire!
Also pictures, beagle info., beagle standards, links, and more being added.

#7 Zak's homepage - a web in the life of a beagle
Zak is a beagle from Adelaide, South Australia, and this is his homepage.

#8 Murphy'sWorld - One Special Beagle
Come visit Murphy's World. It is about Murphy, our beagle and his struggle and recovery from paralysis to date. We want to give hope, inspiration, and information to those who need it.

#9 Farfel MacKeknie Shags
A web site of Farfel, our most unusually-coated (blue-tick) beagle.

#10 Louie and Buster ~ Beagle Brothers
This is a site about my two beagles, Louie and Buster and shows photos of them
throughout their lives.
Occasionally, I will include important events in their lives.

#11 Snoopsite
A Day in the Life of the "All World Beagle".

#12 Jackie Boy & Angel
This site is all about my Beagles; I am presently owned by Jackie boy and Angel.
Jackie boy is a NYC Beagle and Angel is a rescue from Tribeagle rescue N.C.
As you can tell the site is slowly growing just like my Beagle Babies.

#13 Snuggles and Brando
Snuggles and Brando are two beautiful beagle brothers who make
everyday a wonderful adventure for me.
Their website includes photos and anecdotes of each one.
Also included is a memorial page of my first beagle Cuddles.

#14 Chanel & Belmondo's Beagle Page
This site is dedicated to all our Beagles!
The site includes an entire stash of the most adorable pictures,
including puppy pictures from our three litters.
Let each of our Beagles introduce themselves, and tell you their stories!

#15 Milo The Beagle
This is a website dedicated to my alomost 4 year old BeagleBoy Milo.

#16 Snakefoot
Doodles and Winnie are my beagles and Quizzy is 3/4 beagle 1/4 greyhound!
See them and their impressive picture galleries and a few other non-beagle dogs
I own or have owned.

#17 Gabriel
Pets-N-Places is a site devoted to stories and tales of family pets,
pet related links for both dog and cat lovers, a pet memorial Rainbow Bridge tribute page, and a page for favorite links and comments.
While you are there be sure to visit Doogan and Gumby and read their
own stories in their own words!
For the dog lover, be sure to visit Gabriel, the Beagle!

#18 The Franklin's Home Page...(Enter through the Pet Door)
This site is how we introduce our family to the world!
Meet our precious little beagle, Lucy!

#19 Hunter's House
Hunter is a former pound hound who currently spends his days lazing on his king sized bed
and hunting with his sister, JRT.

#20 Howling Acres
Howling Acres is the home of the Baskerbeagles, Duncan, Miles, Molly, and Dewi.
They are served by their pet hoomin, Bruce.
The site contains howlings and scribblings about the hobbies and
antics of the inhabitants.

#21 Brandy & Barney's New Home
This web site was created for and dedicated to our two most
recent additions to the family, Brandy & Barney.

#22 My Name is John
Our first Japanese beagle member! This site is from Kobe City, Japan.

#23 Droos the Beagle!
Droos, the two-coloured beagle from The Netherlands recently moved to France
and on her Homepage she tells about her new life and her new friends on the
French countryside.

#24 Ragu*Beagle
Our 2nd Japanese beagle member!
Hi! I'm a Japanese. My homepage is very pleasant! "Ragu" is a fine beagle.
There is also a page of a "kimono". Please come for play.

#25 Randy.Lee, and our Beagle Darwin
Lee, Randy and our beagle Darwin's site with lots of stories
and pictures of life with Darwin.
Links to pictures from the Northern Calilfornia Beaglefests

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