Sixth Generation

Family of Ebenezer WHITMAN (15) & Abigail BURNHAM

68. Abigail WHITMAN.[9] Born in 1702.

69. Zecheriah WHITMAN. Born in 1704 in Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Mass.

Not much is known of this Zechariah personally, though his will refers to his wife as being blind and unable to use her limbs (a stroke?). She survived him a few years.
They settled in South Bridgewater, having a house on the hill near his father's farm.

On 1 Nov 1733 when Zecheriah was 29, he married Eleanor BENNETT, in Middleboro, MA. Eleanor died on 10 Nov 1777.

They had the following children:
215 i. Samuel (1734-)
216 ii. Abiah (1735-)
217 iii. Zechariah (1738-1819)
218 iv. Eleanor (1739-)
219 v. Benjamin (1741-1762)
220 vi. Abigail (1743-)
221 vii. Ruth (1746-)
222 viii. Jonah (1749-)
223 ix. Ebenezer (1752-1773)
224 x. Sarah (1752-1777)

70. John WHITMAN.[9] Born in 1707 in Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Mass.

71. Hannah WHITMAN.[9] Born in 1709.

72. Ebenezer WHITMAN. Born in 1713 in South Bridgewater. Ebenezer died on 20 Aug 1804, he was 91.

He became the owner of his father's homestead partly by purchase and partly by inheritance and passed his 90 year long life upon it. It was a valuable estate and he added to it by constant labor and frugality of economy. A mason by trade, as well as a farmer, he brought up his son Noah into the same occupations.

On 11 Dec 1740 when Ebenezer was 27, he married Rebeckah PAINE[4], in Providence, RI. Rebeckah died in Jul 1778 in South Bridgewater.

They had the following children:
225 i. Ebenezer (1741-)
226 ii. Noah (1743-)
227 iii. Hannah (1745-)
228 iv. Lydia (1748-)

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