Nova Scotia Whitmans

Whitman Families of Nova Scotia
As promised, the Whitman families of Nova Scotia beginning with the family of
John "Deacon" Whitman and Mercy Foster.
This is a work in progress; you are invited to help fill in the spaces.
Again, if you want to see current updates go to
"The Whitman Family Internet Tree" (above, in Whitman Genealogies)

The Whitmans of Canso Story: An Historical Essay
Fun, historical stories sent to me by David Crittenden, a Whitman researcher fromOntario.

The Search for the Grave of Spinney Whitman

Read the story and see the pictures of my recent enjoyable afternoon with my cousins in Canso, NS

Whitman Wharf House Bed & Breakfast

Whitman Wharf House Bed & Breakfast in Canso, where I recently stayed during the Stan Rogers Folk Festival has a wonderful site not only filled with Elizabeth Measures' Bed & Breakfast photos, but a great online information trove of Canso facts and photos. (It's a FABULOUS B&b with spacious well-appointed rooms and Elizabeth is an extremely gracious hostess as well.)

WHITMAN Names Index from "Five Nova Scotia Families"
The names of WHITMANS from the index of George King's website, "Five Nova Scotia Families"
Used with many thanks to and the permission of George King. (see below)

Abstracts from the Court of Probate Records for Annapolis County, Nova Scotia
Want to read some historical wills? This is a great resource for those of you who have WHITMAN family ties or if you just have ties to Nova Scotia.

These are the original wills of MANY FAMILIES (not just Whitmans).

I suggest you use your editor to do a search for the name you are researching. You'll be surprised what you come up with! Many family names and relatives are named in these wills.

by Wayne W. Walker (Copyright 1994). This link was graciously provided by George W. King, Vice President of the Edmund Rice (1638) Association .
Go to George's web pages, Five Nova Scotia Familiesto find many intermarriages with the Whitman Line...The Rice family for one! A very interesting and well done site!

Historical Sketch of New Albany
Absolutely wonderful history of New Albany, Nova Scotia
Contributed by Harriet Angulo

Henry Evans' 1760 Diary of "The Charming Molly"
In May of 1760 the "Charming Molly" sailed from New England to Annapolis Royal carrying
Planter families to Nova Scotia, among whom was our ancestor, John "Deacon" Whitman.
Article contributed by Gery Swiggum, as originally posted on the Chignecto site...(how I miss that site!)

Robert Whitman's "Whitman History"

The history of the Whitman family at Beaver Harbor and beyond. We have been wondering where all these Whitmans came from!
This is the preface; from this page proceed to the"Whitman History" page.
Thank you, Robert, for writing this!

Kate Colwell's family file on George Whitman

The history of the George Whitman family in Nova Scotia.
George Whitman has long been a mystery to us, and here is Kate Colwell's genealogy to clear it up.

Thank you, Kate!


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