Thank You For Your Help!

I would like to express my gratitude to the fantastic people who subscribe to Nova-Scotia-L at who were inspirational messengers of spontaneous acts of kindness in their help in offering lookups, resource materials and their own research files in helping me to compile this page.

Special Heartfelt Thanks To :
Jean Doane, who helped me find the Canso Whitmans,
Marsha Craig, who found my Spinney Whitman,
Barbara Logan for lookups and directions,
'Roseycrest' for tales of the Great Hurricane,
Gail Facini for her help finding resources on the web,
Brad Pellerin for his help with the census,
Maureen Brown for her help with the Canso census,
Steve Wright for the Harts,
Diana Nelson for her Whitman files,
Brian Whitman for his "Whitman(1).rtf" and essays about John of Weymouth, and Walt Whitman
Debbie Freeman for her Whitman and Freeman information,
Ray Ezell for his files about the Whitmans in England,
Lucy Traves for information from her researches in Halifax,
Paula Bogue for Charlotte Wilt,
Peggy LaBlanc for her Whitman research information,
John Parker for his help and information,
James D. Eakins for Spinney Whitman,
David Crittenden for his research, handwritten genealogy and stories of Capt. Isaac
Roy Whitman for his writings and research and contents of "My Brothers Tree"
Harriet Angulo for the donation of "Historical Sketch of New Albany"

.. I hope I haven't missed anyone!

This page could not have been posted without you all.
Thank you!!!