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I am a Whitman born and raised in Upstate NY. I stumbled on this website by accident and found it interesting...
nancy whitman <hotmail.com">copious2hotmail.com>



Peter Alden Gates Whitman <comcast.net">mr174comcast.net>

January 17, 2004. What a great site! Very cool! My Dad will love this! I'm an 8th generation descendant from Deacon John of Annanapolis Valley. I'm the 3rd child of George Stuart(7) & Marion Eleanor (nee Dempsey), then grandfather is Ralph Aubrey(6), Latimer Spinney(5), Isaac James(4), James(3), Edward(2) and of course, Deacon John(1). I've always been fascinated with family history, thanks so much for such an extensive site. I hope after talking and sharing this site with my Dad, that we could help fill in some spots in our personal family history and vise versa. I know my Dad has got lots of great information and probably pictures as well. My Dad grew up in Ottawa, but brought our family out west in 1976. My Aunts Ann and Evadna (plus her husband Bruce Graham) have both passed away now, but there are still 3 cousins out in California, My Auntie Eve was amongst the last of the war brides and emmigrated down to live with her husband. I can't wait to get out to Nova Scotia and peek around!! Does anyone know of any "Whitman"/"Spinney" family reunions coming up in 2004/5? Very curious! I can't wait to go root through my parent's basement again and see what old pictures match the ones on your site. The book you mention by Charles Whitman, "The Annapolis Valley Whitmans", I think my Dad might have a copy of the updated version, I'm not entirely positive. Thank you for such a wonderful site.
Jane EH Whitman <hotmail.com">calamityjwhotmail.com>
AB Canada

Hello everyone:
i was just looking at the site and noticed my Grand Father J.F.Carman Wightman's name, I will be back again. RALPH

Ralph Carman Wightman <auracom.com">raloisauracom.com>

Hi, I have a family link to Mary Thompson, first wife to Aubrey Freeman. I would love to hear from you.


Beth Szymanski <student.umass.edu">bszymansstudent.umass.edu>

Very beautiful site. Am in search of the early Braley's.Great grandfather was Albert ,born in between 1820-
1840, in NewYork,father and mother were Jeremiah and Nancy
N.,born around the late 1700s or early 1800s..Any information would be greatly appreciated..They were at one time living in Jefferson county..Son Albert traveled with
the Randall family at the age of 7 to Illonois..
Thanks much.

Nancy Hodges <hodgeswolf32aol.com>
ny usa

What a wonderful piece of work your web site is a joy to behold. My great grandmother is Mercy Merry, daughter of Handley Merry.
Noel Peters <shaw.ca">npeters70shaw.ca>
BC Canada

Great resource. From those of us that are still trying to connect to the vast information that is published on the Whitman family, thank you for providing us with this web site. I can only imagine the time you have put into it.
Janice (Whitman) Detlor <cogeco.ca">jdetlor2cogeco.ca>
ON Canada

Hello! Sorry I skipped this once because I hit 'Enter' rather than using trhe mouse to 'click'; too many years with DOS! I entered some data on the next section. b.06Feb1919 @ Cunningham, Adams Co., Washington.My line [short] runs like this as near as I know: son of Homer; son of Adolphus; son of Elbridge; son of Joshua; son of Jacob; son of John; son of Abish; son of John Whitman of Weymouth, who arrived in America on the Truelove in c.1639/1640, following his brother Zecharia and his wife who arrived on the Truelove in 1635. Records indicate John's line increased but Zecharia's did not, due to only one child, a daughter.
Roland Richard Whitman <comcast.net">rrwhtmncomcast.net>

Hello! Sorry I skipped this once because I hit 'Enter' rather than using trhe mouse to 'click'; too many years with DOS! I entered some data on the next section. b.06Feb1919 @ Cunningham, Adams Co., Washington.My line [short] runs like this as near as I know: son of Homer; son of Adolphus; son of Elbridge; son of Joshua; son of Jacob; son of John; son of Abish; son of John Whitman of Weymouth, who arrived in America on the Truelove in c.1639/1640, following his brother Zecharia and his wife who arrived on the Truelove in 1635. Records indicate John's line increased but Zecharia's did not, due to only one child, a daughter.
Roland Richard Whitman rrwhtmncomcast.net OR USA

Very informative. I'm from the Seattle clan, Whitman\Nelson. I am seeking info on Nelson\Hulbert.
Sheryl Lynn Whitman

Sherry L. Stonestreet s_stone278hotmail.com">s_stone278hotmail.com>
Wales, Utah Sanpete

Though not a relative, but researching Students of the Southern School of Photography(1904-1928), I encountered your website. It is well orchestrated; I love the music, pix, etc. Will be in contact about Aubrey S. as he studied in McMinville, where a museum is being opened to honor the school he attended. Keep up the good work! --BBAtnip
Bruce Atnip HREF=BBAtnipblomand.net">BBAtnipblomand.net>
McMinnville, TN USA 37110

My Dad was: Donald Gordon Whitman.
My Grand Dad was Crofton F.U. Whitman
My Brother who is with me now writing this is William Charles Whitman. He lives in Annapolis Royal.

Is there any info you need from us? Photos or grave markers? Etc....

Darrell Gordon Whitman darrellgwhitmanaol.com">darrellgwhitmanaol.com>
Englewood, CO USA

I am a descendant of John Whitman of Weymouth through the Plympton Mass family of Ebenezer and Abigail (Burnham) Whitman's daughter Abigail Whitman who married Zachariah Standish. I have some digital Whitman family gravesite shots if interested. Have also found the grave of a Zachariah Whitman and wife in Bridgewater MA whom I believe is the brother of our Abigail. Need to revisit to determine this for certain which I will be doing over Memorial Day holiday.


"http://home.attbi.com/~sdbumpus/">Paul Stanton Bumpus psbumppohotmail.com">psbumppohotmail.com>
Whitman, MA USA

It was very interesting looking at the Whitman Family Album. I will come back to this site for more research.
Charles E Whitman cewhitmancheerful.com">cewhitmancheerful.com>
St Peters, MO USA

Looking for Whitman's with PA ties. My father was Eddie
Whitman, he and his brother's and sister's were raised in
a catholic orphanage in east Philadelphia after their
mother died in 1932. His father was John(Martin)Whitman
and mother was Mary Moore. Beleived to have worked on an
Amish farm. Honeybrooke, PA farm possibly

Rachele Whitman grtdmv.com">grtdmv.com>
Still Pond, md usa

Interesting site, I wonder how many people on here I am related to.
Troy Whitman paradox989yahoo.com">paradox989yahoo.com>
Newport Beach, CA USA

Great site, I am from John Wade Whitman.
Lee Dowen <leeshirilria.net">leeshirilria.net>
Lamar, Co USA

ive also been trying to track down my family ancestary and have had no such luck could you please email me if you find any information on the marsh family
melissa marsh kilcoolestalkeryahoo.co.uk">kilcoolestalkeryahoo.co.uk >
dublin, ireland

Great Website. I am looking for info on Karl Freeman son of Joseph Bent Freeman and Mary Eliza Dexter. Joseph Bent was son of Lovejoy Parker (#46). Any help finding some of Karl,s decendants would be appreciated. Thanks

Allan Collie acollieauracom.com">acollieauracom.com>
Greenhill, NS Canada

Decended from George Wightman b. Nov 4 1632 (England) and Elizabeth Updyke baptized 1644 in New Amsterdam. Interesting to see how many hundreds of us there are!
Marcus Whitman Muth Cowsnclayaol.com">Cowsnclayaol.com>
Rockfield, KY USA

Great Site!
Scott Whitman scott.whitmanpsbgroup.co.nz">scott.whitmanpsbgroup.co.nz>
Wellington, New Zealand



This is a fantastic site. Just went through the entire 10 pages to see if anything clicked with my info. Nothing there without checking all the printouts I have. My Whitman connection begins with Ella Adeline Whitman who married George Pendlebury. He was my great-grandfather. Ella's father was Gilbert Vander Whitman, then the procession backwards is Jesse, B. 1779 on Long Island, New York. His father was Isaiah Whitman, b. 1756, Long Island, New York. Isaiah's father was Zebulon Whitman, b. 1702, Long Island, New York. His father was Zebulon Whitman, b. 1681, Long Island, New York. Zebulon's father was Joseph Whitman, b. 1640, Milford, Connecticu. Joseph's father was Zachiariah Whitman, b. abt 1600, England, and last Zachiariah Whitman, b. 1571/1581, Holt, Norfolk, England. This is all from Ancestry.com, I am searching for verification of relationships for Gilbert Vander Whitman to Jesse Whitman and beyond. I have almost worn out my printer with all the associated reports, descendency, etc. Will keep digging and be back to this site many many times. Regards, and thanks for this impressive site. Alice Jordan
Alice Jordan crossstitchdia.net">crossstitchdia.net>
Williston, ND usa

Gilbert Vander Whitman m. Rebecca Brott. Their daughter, Ella Adeline Whitman m. George H. Pendlebury. Their daughter, Ethel, was my maternal grandmother. According to the many Whitman trees on the net, Jesse Whitman was the father of Gilbert Vander Whitman. I have been unable to find a positive verification of this. I know it is out there somewhere. If someone can give me a source, I would be most appreciative.

I believe this site will be very important to me in compiling my family genealogy and history. I hope to have much more than just names and dates, but background and histories that will give me a sense of how these ancestors helped build and shape this country.

Thank you so much.

Alice Jordan

Alice Jordan crossstitchdi.net">crossstitchdia.net>
Williston, ND USA

Glad to have you Aboard! I'm an avid researcher on several Annapolis County families, Related as a cousin to many Whitman's. Went to school in Richfarms SD. Nokomis, SK. with grandchildren of Lew Whitman, who came to the West with my Great Grandparents, J.B Potter, and sons Corey and Everett. Would be happy to share History with you.
"184 Morris St.">Alfred 'Fred' H. Potter fpottermagma.ca">fpottermagma.ca>
Carleton Place, ON Canada

I am a descendant of George Wightman of Quidnesset, RI, via Rev. Valentine Wightman (1681-1747); Abraham Wightman (1711-1800); John Whitman (1750-1831); George Whitman (1775-1859); Gaylord G. Whitman (1804-1876); Frank W. Whitman (1851-1922); Robert McCoy Whitman (1876-1958; and Robert Gaylord Whitman (1913-2001). This family moved from Rhode Island to southeastern Connecticut, then to central New York State after the American Revolution.
David R. Whitman dwhitmannycap.rr.com">dwhitmannycap.rr.com>
Glens Falls, NY US

Very interested to see that an earlier Robert Whitman lived at Ipswich, but USA
Robert Whitman rob.whitmanvirgin.net">rob.whitmanvirgin.net>
Ipswich, England

Correction...My previous post should have been Johann George and Dorothea Keiper Morlang. My Great Great Great Grandparents on the paternal side. My Great Great Grandparents were Johann Friederich and Maria Elisabethe Morlang Fuess
Barbara Fuess Cianfichi bacrcadelphia.net">bacrcadelphia.net>
Scranton, Pa United States of America

Johann George and Dorothea Keiper Fuess are my Great Great Grandparents on the paternal side. I have 61 pages pertaining to the Morlang Family.
Barbara Fuess Cianfichi

Barbara Fuess Cianfichi bacrcadelphia.net">bacrcadelphia.net>
Scranton , Pa United States of America

Hi, I'm one of the Annapolis Valley Whitmans. It has been a while since I have been to this site. I have noticed a lot of changes. :)
I do notice however that some of the links, and pics are unavailable. I'm not sure if it might be the server I'm on or if its a problem with the web page.
I love this site. Its great. My mother and father have a framed pic of the Whitman Coat of Arms. My father also has a ring with the Whitman Coat of Arms on it, that
was made by his uncle. Actually one of the things I tried to look at was the pic of the Whitman Coat of Arms which I could not get into.

Just wanted to say....GREAT SITE!!!!!!!!!!


Dale Whitman dalewhitmanns.sympatico.ca">dalewhitmanns.sympatico.ca>
Kentville, NS Canada

well i think your site is great i have been trying to find out what whitmans i am related to but all the farther i have gotten is, George Wesely Whitman born 1859 and his parents, Richard Whitman, Suzzana Curtis. no date on them yet but at some point they were in new york
Jeffrey S Whitman JstAnthrIdiotaol.com">JstAnthrIdiotaol.com>
Isanti, MN usa

I come from John,Thomas,Nicholas,John,Ezra,Rhoda and switches to Snows, and then to Vining, to Totmans,to Turner,and then little ole me. Thanks for the info and the internet is a God send, although I am in Salt Lake City and that is a blessing in my search. Thanks so much P.D. for the lovely stories and links, lots of information. Emmy
Emmy Mayne <emmymaynemsn.com">emmymaynemsn.com>
Ogden, UT USA

Looking for information on Whitfield Whitman's children.
My greatgreatgrandmother's name was Elizabeth Whitman.
The last state I have Whitfield living in is Ohio in around

Tina George <tgeorgevci.net">tgeorgevci.net>
murray , KY US

hi i am looking for the family tree on the tucker family. my grandfather's name is josheph tucker and my grandmother's name is maude tucker. my grandfather's father's name was anthony tucker. please anyone with information please feel free to contact me. thanks
brenda tucker brenda_87_95hotmail.com">brenda_87_95hotmail.com>
sudbury, on canada

My father was born in Nova Scotia in 1931. His name is Gorden Frederick Day Whitman. My Grandfathers name is Melvin George Whitman and my Grandmothers name is Elsie Whitman. Stay in touch.
Fred Whitman

Frederick D. Whitman fredthewhitmanco.com">fredthewhitmanco.com>
Yorba Linda, CA USA

Hi from Australia, I was browsing the web site as I am still a beginner at computors and I am inquiring about my GREAT,GREAT GRANDMOTHER, her name was Janet WHITMAN and she came to Australia in? and married a EDWARD JOHN MATTHEWS and they settled in MACKAY QUEENSLAND growing sugar cane,she is my Mother's Grandmother and as she is getting on in age [83] she has some trouble remembering a few things about the family only that they came from Cornwall[WALES] and I have also asked her sisters but they have the same problem remembering so maybe someone can be of help. It is great reading all about the WHITMAN'S around the world and knowing that more tah likely we are all related somehow,love the site and I visit it every day.
Beverley Ann BYNG byngeoptusnet.com.au">byngeoptusnet.com.au>

I am a descendent of Ezra Whitman and Rhoda Snow, I used your site to see connections between the Whitman line and Mayflower descendants. Thank You so much great site
Emmy Mayne e.mayneworldnet.att.net">e.mayneworldnet.att.net>
Ogden, Utah USA

I was browsing this site for my Mum who is the GRANDDAUGHTER of JANETWHITMAN/MATTHEWS who lived in Mackay QLD AUSTRALIA . My Mum's family eg. sister's and one remaining brother are getting on in years and their memory is not what it used to be,they can not seem to recall any of the other members of Janet Whitman's family only that they came from Wales.It is a long shot that anyone out there would be of help but anything is possible so maybe if I keep looking and searching through the web I may come up with something. I love the site and the audio Cheers Bev BYNG GREAT,GREAT GRANDDAUGHTER of JANET WHITMAN
Beverley Ann BYNG byngeoptusnet.com.au">byngeoptusnet.com.au>

Great site. Thank you
Wayne Richardson wrichardsonns.sympatico.ca">wrichardsonns.sympatico.ca>
Canso, NS., Canada

I can trace back to Dr. Ccharles Whitman who m Annah Stevens on June 20, 1757. At least his intentions were filesd in the Stow Marriages. Vital Records page 221. I have tried to go back from there. About 7 years ago I went to Salt Lake to the Mormon Library. I found an enormous amount of material. The following year I went to a local library and found that the records had been changed. I had photocopied about 1,000 pages, and now can't believe that I can't use any of them for sure. But I am trying agin now.

You have such a lot of info in this record. Good hunting

"4135 Kings Hwy #120">Dorothy M. Rushforth drushnut-n-but.net">drushnut-n-but.net>
Port Charlotte, FL USA

I am trying to find out more about the Burnaby family and through your site have made a little more progress. Thank you and best wishes from England.
Julie Burnaby juliemaburnaby.freeserve.co.uk">juliemaburnaby.freeserve.co.uk>
Rye, East Sussex England

I am a grandson of Nina Leah Whitman of Canso and North Sydney, Nova Scotia who married Alvin Hunter Clark, telegraphic cable operator of St. John, NB. Both are mentioned in the Whitmania.com website page "The Whitman Story" contributed by David Crittendon of Ontario. Typewritten copies of "The Whitman Story" have been in our family for at least two generations. Since my great grandmother was Mary Ann (Kirby) Horton, I was interested in the update query from Steve Marshall and would like to contact him.

Peter Bela Clark <pbclarkshaw.ca">pbclarkshaw.ca>
Vancouver , BC Canada

I am working on the Whitman line of my ancestry. George Vander Whitman was my great-great grandfather. Having found an extensive pedigree via the net I am working to confirm relationships via documentation. It is exciting. Great-great grandfather Gilbert was a third cousin once removed to Walt Whitman. Exciting because Walt Whitman is one of my very favorite poets. I have studied him and taught his poetry in high school. I also had an e-mail indicating that Abraham Lincoln is also there on the tree, haven't followed up on this yet. Documentation is extremely important to me. In researching my ancestry, I am not interested in just names, dates. I am also examining the times and areas in which they lived so that when I get to my writing, I can present real people. I am so pleased that I found your webpage.
Alice Jordan crossstitchdia.net">crossstitchdia.net>
Williston, ND USA

You have a wonderful piece fo work here! My grandmother (b 1873)was b. to David Gonier and Abbie Lucinda Whitman. Do you see any of these names in your tree? My father said they his parents were "french canadians". I'd love to find more about them. I'm 75 and time is getting short! Thank you for all your work.
Ruth Chase Hill <reachlani.net">reachlani.net>
Live Oak, FL USA

Just reading through the guest book entries... and I am even goofing off at all the similar names... My father was Patrick John his father John Patrick, my brother Scott and myself Theresa.... these names seem to follow a family tradition!!! Awesome!!!=)
Theresa Whitman theresawhitmanhotmail.com">theresawhitmanhotmail.com>
wellington, na New Zealand -
Hi there, just had a look around the website... have recently had a family tree done, and I know there are Nova Scotian links... so will have to go and get it... and come back to see who fits where!!!
Theresa Whitman theresawhitmanhotmail.com">theresawhitmanhotmail.com>
wellington, na New Zealand

Trying to contact Dennis White at Olive, MO.
Joe Mullenix <Offramaol.com">Offramaol.com>
Token, MO USA

Hello. I was searching the Whitman line and came across this site. I currently have family in the Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia area.

Brian Whitman mounted1_2000yahoo.com">mounted1_2000yahoo.com>
Salisbury, MD United States

looking for mary eliz whitman and william tannahill connection. they lived in pincher creek alberta cdn. thanks
" 905 874 4865 cdn">michael tannahill
brampton, on canada

Maybe you don't rember me, I was using your site alot last spring. My wife is a Whitman from the South Mountain Ingilsville, Annapolis valley NS. You helped me with some of my research, thank you. I was going to send you some pictures of her grandparents, I haven't forgot about it.
Take care. O still a wonderful site.

Dennis Surette <psayjhyahoo.com">psayjhyahoo.com>
yarmouth, NS canada

I just came across your website. My father's family is from Andover, Massachusetts. My great-grandfather owned general stores in Nova Scotia. I am not sure of his first name but his son's name was Harold and my father's name is Richard. I am very interested in furthering my research on my family tree any information would be appreciated. Thank You, Liz Whitman-Begovich
Elizabeth Whitman-Begovich sbegovichadelphia.net">sbegovichadelphia.net>
Jupiter, FL United States

Am a decendent of Charles Whitman who lived in Mass. in the 1700's. Any info would be great. I have a complete geneaology that my Grandmother made. Trying to find the next link.
George P. Whitman, IV infodigidocdesigns.com">infodigidocdesigns.com>
Sedona, AZ USA

hi i am an annapolis valley whitman and it is so very nice to find a site like this it helps to develope the hole picture thanks Trent
Trent William Whitman trenthardingmedical.com">trenthardingmedical.com>
newport, ns canada

Hi PD: Your other e-mail form isn't working!
A year or so ago you suggested I look at George Whitman. I found his son Ira Whitman who probably m. my ggg gma Elsie Ross (also referred to as "Alice" Ross I think). I've never been able to find info if Esther Whitman my gg gma was really their daughter. She's not listed in Jost but there are several mistakes and contradictions in Jost so I'm still hopeful.
You mentioned that George might be German and I wanted to see if you had more info about those Whitman families and tell you that Esther Whitman (Boles) is listed in Manchester in the 1881 census as German (all her kids are listed "Irish" (Anglo-Irish) like their father). So, maybe I should look for German communities in PA!!

Kate Colwell kcolwellmdearthlink.net">kcolwellmdearthlink.net>
Kensington, CA US

Looking for my husbands Grandfather's family. Robert Whitman, Sr., Robert Jr. buried in Foster, RI., William Whipple Whitman b. 1772 in Foster, RI, Gardner Whitman b. 1795, Charles Henry Whitman b. 1818, Charles Judson b. 1853, Pa, Raymond F. b. 1890, Pa, Stanley Delmar b. 1915, Pa and Virginia b. 1941 Pa. This is my husbands Generations of the Whitman's. Appreciate any info.
Frances Eastman feastmansvic.net">feastmansvic.net>
Chiefland, Fl USA

Wednesday 6th November 2002 11.30p.m.

Sorry to gatecrash your page. I found this site whilst searching for anyone who has photographs of the recent SLIM WHITMAN FAREWELL TOUR OF THE U.K. I saw the comment from Frans van Zuiden who is another Whitman fan; one of many in the Netherlands. I hope he enjoyed the concert. Slim was in very good form in spite of back trouble.

I enjoy the subject of genealogy and its nice when people trace their relatives. I wonder if any of your contacts are related to Slim Whitman.

I am intrigued by the Whitmania title as this word was coined in the 1950s (long before Beatlemania) when Slim
Whitman fans used to bring traffic to a halt in many of our cities.

Congratulations on a very attractive and informative site.

Kind regards

Lavinia Ellaby (Mrs.)

Lavinia Ellaby dl-ellabyukonline.co.uk">dl-ellabyukonline.co.uk>
Shropshire England

am looking for information on THoms Pierce and spouse Almy Chase
rpbert pierce jr <rvp_jryahoo.com">rvp_jryahoo.com>
bodfish, ca 93205

I love your site! Not many people would share all that you have through this site!! My husband's gg-grandfather is George Washington Whitman, g-grandmother Martha Ann (Whitman) Carey, grandfather George Melton Carey. As far as I know they came out of SC and GA and then AL.
Betty Carey b.careymindspring.com">b.careymindspring.com>
Blountsville, AL USA

I am very impressed!
Search Engine Submission
Fir, CW Canada

I am the husband of Pamela Bergren, Granddaughter, of George William Perry, who is the GGGreat grand son of
Ebenezer Perry and Hannah Muzzy and Dorcas Whitman.
I will send you my GEDcom so that you can look and if you like add another branch to your tree.

George H Schug Jr. gschugjrqwest.net">gschugjrqwest.net>
Brooklyn center, mn usa

I am (11) James Harold Whitman, b 7/23/1947 in Memphis TN only by coincidence. Son of Haorld Carmen Whitman (10), b 8/1/1913 of Marlboro, MA. Grandson of Ralph Hart Whitman (9), b 9/15/1883 near Digby NS. I have a son (12) Scott Clifford Whitman b. 3/15/83 in Framingham, MA.

My geneology was traced by my great uncle Harold Whitman (9), older brother of my grandfather Ralph.

The lineage appears to be (8) Carmen S. Whitman, b. 6/21/1842; (7) Thomas Aisley Whitman, b. 12/15/1812; (6)Isaac Whitman b. 2/7/1782 and perhaps; (5) Daniel; (4) John; (3) John; (2) Zecharia; and (1) John

Really enjoyed surfing your website. Would like to hear from Whitman everywhere, especially NS.

James Harold Whitman Terry.Whitmanverizon.net">Terry.Whitmanverizon.net>
Princeton, MA USA

Murray Whitman <murraywthot.net">murraywthot.net>
North Bay, ON CANADA

I enjoyed my visit.
Mary Ann Whitman Cooley mac0207aol.com">mac0207aol.com>
DeQuincy, La USA

Excellent site. Just attended the Whitman Family Reunion held in Ontario this summer. People attending were mainly descendants of Grafton La Mert Whitman (son of George Craft Whitman. I am the husband of Dorothy Whitman (Grafton's daughter)
Jack Colwill jcolwilltelusplanet.net">jcolwilltelusplanet.net>
Cold Lake, AB Canada

Hi! I'm Ian. You have a nice and usefull website. I find your site while searching for related sites and It's a pleasure to sign your guestbook. Thanks!

Texas, Texas USA

Grandfather was William Whitman b.1866 ?Canada d. Oct 09 1914 Rhode Island, m. Victoria Couture b. Aug 10 1864 d.Sep 30 1934. I am looking for sources that connect somewhere in Whitmania.
Leo Descoteaux wiseowlpshift.com">wiseowlpshift.com>
Barnet , VT USA

I loved finding your page! Sarah Jane Worth, wife of Clement St. Clair Whitman, was my mother's sister. I have been researching the Worth's and Horton's of Guysborough for many years now and would love to exchange information with anyone interested.
Trishe Willis trishewillissyd.eastlink.ca">trishewillissyd.eastlink.ca>
Sydney, NS

Very interesting website. Unfortunately, I'm having some difficulty finding information on the Whitman family in North Carolina...
Heather Whitman elf_gir1hotmail.com">elf_gir1hotmail.com>
Raleigh, NC USA

My mother was born in Canso-Mary Evelyn Francis Cohoon - Sept. 8,1900. My grandparents were John and Laura Cohoon.
My great grandparents were Moses and Margaret(Covey)Cohoon.Grandparents buried in Canso. Mother buried in North Sydney - married John Ronayne McLeod of North Sydney. My mother's sisters - Marguerita (Greta), Patricia, and twin girls who died very young - Blanche and Laura. Mother's brothers Lawlor, McKeough(named after parish priest in Canso)and Percy. Have pictures of old cable station at Hazel Hill - my grandfather worked there as did my great-grandfather. Have been to the Whitman Museum with my mother before it was a museum. I remember, if not mistaken, a circular basement with great seascapes on walls. My mother played with the Whitman's - we also visited the home of Cora Horton who was a friend of mothers when she was young. I am doing the family genealogy and am trying to find out if my great grandmother had any sisters or brothers so I can put them in my book "Through The Years" by Jean MacLeod Kelley. I love writing and have a lot of mothers poems in the book also. I am 75 years of age - live here on Cape Cod by the ocean which I absolutely love. The smell of the sea air and the lapping of the waves against the shore echo through each day and down I go to walk the beach among the sand dunes. I love it almost as much as I love Nova Scotia. Brought up in Halifax -

"What's URL?">Jean Kelley(Mother born in Canso) Capeseagullhotmail.com">Capeseagullhotmail.com>
Sandwich, ma usa

Found your site working on a Mitchell geneology. Charles and Margaret Elliotte Orr are the 7th Generation through the Fee, White, & Mitchell lineage. Thank you for all your hard work.
The Website looks Great!


Brice Habegger bthabeggernetzero.net">bthabeggernetzero.net>
noblesville, In USA

I really love your web site. I was looking through your photos. I saw a lot of common traits. Thank You for all the time and effort you have devoted to the Whitman family!!!!
Carla Jo Whitman easternstar1aol.com">easternstar1aol.com>
Fayetteville, NC United States

Looking for Dr. William Dutcher Whitman who left Nova Scotia for Hawaii 1890's -1900's.
John M. Whitman jmwhit2063yahoo.com">jmwhit2063yahoo.com>
Kamuela, HI. U.S.A.

Terrific site! Obviously lot of love has gone into it's creation and maintenance. Thanks for sharing this with us.

Mitzi Brown <RMBrownmchsi.com">RMBrownmchsi.com>
Dagsboro, DE USA

My Aunt has traced our Whitman's from Alabama back to the Carolinas. Still reseaching!!!
"http://danielww.home.mindspring.com/resume.html">Daniel Warren Whitman danielwwmindspring.com">danielwwmindspring.com>
Hoover, AL USA

Great site---I hope to have one like it.
Walter MacDonald walmachfx.andara.com">walmachfx.andara.com>
Halifax, NS Canada

could any one help iam trying to find some more info on my grandfather i think he may of been scottish and my of had family in germany i know its a long shot as i dont have a first name only a surname kirk and i think he was in the army. many thanks natalie
"anderson">natalie kirk natkclass.co.uk">natkclass.co.uk>
south shields, uk england

Just started working on the family history. My mom was Alma Lucy Whitman from Nova Scotia, she pass in Feb of 2000. Would like to know how to find sites on my last name,and my dads side. Any help would be great. Will keep looking over your info for conections.
Perry Beckwith <runner42kaol.com">runner42kaol.com>
Calgary, Ab Canada

Greetings to you and your guests. Love what you’ve done with your site. As an educator I can say you have great communication skills.
La Mesa, Ca US

Very Interesting. I'm looking for a Robert Whitman, my GGGG,
believed to have been born in one of the Carolinas in 1805.
Also, believed to have married a Cherokee woman named "Ridley".
They had twelve (12) children.

Hugh L. Whitman <hlwamwwwisp.com">hlwamwwwisp.com>
Birmingham, AL USA

Trying to trace entrance of Whitman name into North Carolina. Feel free to e-mail me if you would like to exchange information.
Scott Devence Whitman sunfirestudioshotmail.com">sunfirestudioshotmail.com>
Wilmington, NC USA

I wish I did what you do instead of making piano benches. Your site looks great.
San Diego, Ca US

This is my first visit to Whitmania and I have enjoyed my tour. My mother is Paulette Whitman and I know you have been in touch with her. I am in awe of the knowledge you two possess and hope to someday know my family history as well as you to do! I will check in often.

Lori Whitman lori.whitmanns.sympatico.ca">lori.whitmanns.sympatico.ca>
Middletown, N.S. Canada

Great Site!!
Matthew Whitman Trecartin matttmphfx.eastlink.ca">matttmphfx.eastlink.ca>
halifax, NS Canada

Have Reunion formatted tree of my branch: Mass/NY/Ont./Michigan.
Merrill Jay Whitman jwhitengin.umich.edu">jwhitengin.umich.edu>
Ann Arbor, MI USA

I am a big fan of Slim Whitman about age of 7 (1957) because in those days I went on sitting on the 78 rpm record "Rose Marie". I had to buy in those days a new one for my mom who's name was Maria. The records of Slim wer often played in the 50's,60's. When I grew older and went on High School,often listening to AFN Networks midwave.
My first album from Slim I did buy January 1967 "15th Anniversary",it took long to save money for buying it. In 1989 I've enjoyed Slim Whitman Appreciation Society Holland,and visited 2 times England 1990,1993 to see Slim perform. This Year we will be on October 5th in England visting one Concert during his Farewell tour.

Frans van Zuiden f.vanzuidenchello.nl">f.vanzuidenchello.nl>
Eindhoven, Noord-Brabant Netherlands

Like my father David C. Whitman who signed this I did enjoy the tour. I am a very proud Whitman and glad that I get the chance to learn more about our family history. I thank-you very much for making this site and to people who helped out.
Lindsey D. Whitman lindsey_whitmanhotmail.com">lindsey_whitmanhotmail.com>
Ottawa, On Canada

Found your site while searching for LeCain family information. Beautiful Site!
Kathy LeCain Kudla Waterloo1410aol.com">Waterloo1410aol.com>
Hampton, NH USA -
I am hoping to find more info on the Samuel Whitman family Who was first found in Alabama in the 1850 census alone with a cousin or brother Michael Whitman both from SC. I am a descendent from Samuel and would like to get more info on him and his ancestors. Samuel's Son was James M. One of his Son's were Willie Asbury Whitman...Willie Hubert Whitman Sr. then Jr. and then myself. I hope to hear from you soon?

Kathy Whitman Mularz Kmularzalaweb.com">Kmularzalaweb.com>
Elba, Al USA

Love your web site. Excellent site. Looking for William Whipple, Gardner m. Susan Tucker, Charles Henry m. Lucy Rounds, Robert Whitman from Foster, Providence, RI. Would appreciate any info.
Frances Eastman feastmansvic.net">feastmansvic.net>
Chiefland, Fl USA

Good place to visit!! I think I have a personal interest here......I am the grandson of Aubrey Whitman and Marcia (Hall) Whitman.
Gary Donaldson fishtaggeryahoo.com">fishtaggeryahoo.com>
Tabb, VA USA

My ggggrandfather was John Whiteman, son of Zachariah Whiteman from Mass. and New York. Believe there is a connection to the spelling of Whitman and Whiteman.
Cindy Whiteman Cole ccoleprestolitewire.com">ccoleprestolitewire.com>
Ashburn, GA US

I'm working on the genealogy of Sarah Power Whitman, poet and friend of Edgar Allen Poe.

Parents were Nicholas and Anna(Marsh) Power. Can anyone give me a lead to the Marsh family. Have been told she is a desendant of the Marshes who defended John Proctor at Salem witch trials (1691).

Any leads greatly appreciated..


Sheilah <sab54fcc.net">sab54fcc.net>

I was looking through old post cards in an antique shop and found a photo from WW2 with 8 Australian soldiers in front of the pyramids,cairo(three soldiers on camels).On the back is says "theres Sam and on his right is Harry Whitman"If any Aussies knew a Harry Whitman serving overseas during WW2 I would love to hear from you(and send copy of photo)
Douglas Ferry ferry10bigpond.com">ferry10bigpond.com>
Toowoomba, qld Australia

Have enjoyed reading "John Whitman of Weymouth" by Charles Farnam. Charles Sydney Whitman (great grandfather) married my great grandmother (Nancy DeSausure Bostick) from South Carolina after Sherman burned down the plantation and she migrated north. Based on my research, it appears that Abraham Lincoln could trace his routes back to John Whitman-the same regime that burned my grandmother's plantation!
Edward Bostick Whitman III ewhitsaol.com">ewhitsaol.com>
Baltimore, MD USA

My name is Edmund Marco and it's a pleasure to sign your guest book. I work for an advertising agency in London. Our agency represents direct marketing companies that are involved in the marketing of products as seen on TV in England. Most of the infomercial products come from the U.S. but then again we export our talents as well. I think it's hilarious that English people respond so well to American products while Americans tend to respond well to sales people who have an English accent!
London, Kent England

i live in pa and i would like to be aware of any death notes if one of my family would die my mother or any family members last name are dairy or hanania or schinder or yokin or reedy that way i may know when some one in my family pass on . thank you and if there would be a fee for this i would pay for this .i lost my aucle john yokin and i cant fine any death notes on him .
deborah j bolser tigerwomen12yahoo.com">tigerwomen12yahoo.com>
denver, pa usa -
I am researching my husband's ancestry. Most of us through the George Whitman line are at a dead stop at Goshen (and Warwick), NY (Orange County) in the mid-1790's. After his death his wife and children migrated to Greenbrier County, VA (now WV). There are only a couple other Whitman families listed in Orange County, NY, in the 1790's census...but we have never been able to make any connections. I would LOVE to find others who have information about the Whitmans of Orange County, NY.
Linda Whitman whitmanlcharter.net">whitmanlcharter.net>
Beckley, WV USA

I am the 4th son of James Archibald Whitman, son of Harry Osborne Whitman. My 3 older brothers are James, Jeff, and Mark Whitman. My son Kirk Whitman was born in 1998.
To contact me 902 832 5127 or 902 830 2962

"www.ATLANTIVEX.com">Matt Whitman mwhitmanATLANTIVEX.com">mwhitmanATLANTIVEX.com>
Halifax , NS CANADA

My granddad was charles otis whitman and gf laura whitman of texas. i am just now starting my ancestry and wondering where to start. All i do know is one of my ancestors ran the old ls ranch by tascosa before and during the xit fame.
any info would be appreciated.

lyn holland <haphollyahoo.com">haphollyahoo.com>
amarillo, tx usa

Just a random search for family from UK way back...
Andrew Weightman aweightmanoptusnet.com.au">aweightmanoptusnet.com.au>
Bendigo, Victoria Australia

my ggf was a merchant and had a store in barachois gasp'e quebec. he was supposedley tied in with robin and whitman , his name was patrick j. jones originally from ire. he also had a farm on a hill overlooking malbie. when his farm burned down he moved with his family of ten children to quebec city. he was at one time a school commisioner of some sort in barachois.if you have any info i would really appreciate hearing from you. thanks in advance, jack mckinnon.
jack mckinnon jackmac3prodigy.net">jackmac3prodigy.net>
mcfalls, me usa

Great Grandfather: Elsbridge Whitman
Grandfather: Adolpheus Valentine Whitman
born: 12-25-1853 California, Mo died 07-26-1936
Father: LaRoy Christopher Whitman
born: 01-20-1881 died: 04-10 1966

The family came from Warrensburg, Missouri, One brother, Estle, settled in Whitman Wyoming, 3 brothers, Homer,LaRoy, and Armon kept coming west. They were in Colorado for a bit coming on to settle in Washington state. I am a daughter of LaRoy.

Winona (Whitman) Mallonee malloneequik.com">malloneequik.com>
Curtis, WA Lewis

I can not believe we are related to Abraham Lincoln, that is awesome. I really appreciate all the work you have put into this research. Thank you very much
Marc Whitman marcwhitmanadelphia.net">marcwhitmanadelphia.net>
East Falmouth, MA USA

This is a wonderful Website and genealogical resource!

We had family stories about Whitmans that were sea captains and some remote connection to Walt Whitman the poet. That was about all we had to search with.

With the assistance of PD, we have joined our Whitmans to the other branches (not to mention the Hortons and the Jones!). We are so glad and appreciative of the help!

It's an odd yet very wonderful to see some of our family's photographs (such as the one shown for William Whitman, Assemblyman for Nova Scotia in 1904) looking out at me from the gallery page. We have a copy of the same photo!

Best regards, Michael Ross Murphy (gg-grandson of William Whitman)

"http://www.geocities.com/michaelrossmurphy">Michael Ross Murphy michaelmichaelrossmurphy.com">michaelmichaelrossmurphy.com>
Ottawa, On Canada

I am related to the Whitman's a long ways down the line. My great-great grandfather was Estle Rollo Whitman. If you have any information of that branch I would greatly appreciate.
Aaron Cross bob_dinglehopperhotmail.com">bob_dinglehopperhotmail.com>
Harrison, NE USA

Thanks for an informative history! I'm trying to trace my roots and find my relatives. I was abandoned by my parents when I was 3 years old and only have their names and dates of birth to guide me. Maybe you could help if you know anything about them. Donald Harry Whitman DOB 8/6/44, and
Jodie Rae Peters DOB 5/21/57

Donald Ray Whitman dongif16excite.com">dongif16excite.com>
Seattle, Washington United States

I would like to learn more about walt whitmon
smokey pots <dopeheadyahoo.com">dopeheadyahoo.com>
rim, id newjersy

I am searching for my fathers family tree. Grandfathers name was John McLeod Hayman. "Mac" He was born in Dartmouth nova Scotia. would like to find siblings or blood relative
catherine lynn Hayman Belcourt Marty Belcourthotmail.com">Marty Belcourthotmail.com>
Edson, canada

My Grandfather was Frank Edward Whitman, born in 1876 in Cornwall/Bismark, Pennsylvania.
Resided and died in Boone,Iowa in 1936.

Robert S. Whitman rswhitman1msn.com">rswhitman1msn.com>
Ames, Ia USA

I am the fiance of, Shirley Whitman, from Inglesville Lawerencetown NS. I was just doing some research on her histoy. I found your site to be quite interesting, thanks.

D Surette

Dennis Surette gubb69hotmail.com">gubb69hotmail.com>
Yarmouth, NS Canada

Hi! This Whitman site is great!

My gggrandmother was Rosanna Whitman. Her parents were Robert Whitman and Hannah Caswell. Robert's parents were John Whitman and Dorcas Davis.

Anyone help me fill in dates and other information?

Thanks in advance!

Darryl Pepin <dpepinportup.com">dpepinportup.com>
Ironwood, MI USA

Valentine--Leonard--Charles--Edmund--Herbert--E. Goerge
Any info.?ley Nova Scotia

"53 Lyme Farm Rd.">Edmund George Whitman gwns2ukaol.com">gwns2ukaol.com>
London, uk SE12 8JQ

I am a student at Roger Williams University. I am in a class that is researching the Valentine Whitman, Jr, house in Lincoln, RI. This house is on the National Register of Historic Buildings. I thought that you would like to know this - that the first house that Valentine Whitman ever built is still standing.
Robyn Chrabascz thebestsuperheroexcite.com">thebestsuperheroexcite.com>
Bristol, RI USA

I've recently have found that the spelling of my ggrandfather's name, Samuel Whitnum, has been changed to 'Whitman' in many records. I know he was born in Wales and married in Worcestershire in 1846. He owned an iron factory in Manchester, so the family story goes and immigrated in 1870 to Greenpoint, NY. We have several patents that were issued to him. If anyone else is researching the 'Whitnum' name I would be happy to share information with them.
Patricia Dyer pat.dyertrizetto.com">pat.dyertrizetto.com>
Union, NJ USA

My Witman/Whitman family
Isaac Witman b. 1816 PA m. Elizabeth Culbertson.
William Whitman b. 1845 PA m. Mary C. b. 1847 PA, lived in Logan co, OH
William Whitman b. 1882 Logan co OH m. Nellie B. Jobes, then Bonnie McLaughlin.
Alonzo Whitman [grandfather] Arthur Whitman b. 1926, Clark co, OH. I have found info on Isaac, regarding father and mother [ may be John and Eve or Eva]. From Belleville, PA area. Need some help on this couple, married abt 1840.

Belinda Jolly kykatydid51aol.com">kykatydid51aol.com>

Daughter of Mary Etta (Whitman) and Frank Trecartin.
Mary Etta is the daughter of Grace (Jenkins) and Leander Morse Whitman,
Bridgetown, NS.

Interesting site -- great to see all the work!

"mainbrace.ca">Mary Ann Trecartin ann.trecartinmainbrace.ca">ann.trecartinmainbrace.ca>
Halifax, NS Canada

Thanks for the great website!
I was getting so confuse on the John Whitman from Weymouth, Mass. family line since it seems like he is in every single Whitman line no matter where you go...
Have you check the Leland R Bailey familytreemakersite?
has anyone ask him where he gets his info?
Let me know what you think .Thanks
I come from
John Whitman
Sarah Whitman married Abraham Jones
Sarah Jones married Mordecai Lincoln
Mordecai Lincoln II
Thomas Lincoln
and so on....
thanks again for the wonderful site !
Cynthia Zaddack

Cynthia Zaddack <olyzgirlaol.com">olyzgirlaol.com>
Olympia, WA USA

I am searching for any information on F.K. WHITMAN who married Betsey HARRINGTON. They had a son William Lorenzo (Lorenzo William) WHITMAN b 1836 in NY. He married Mary Jane SIMMONS the daughter of Ives SIMMONS and May SIMKINS of Pennsylvania. William Lorenzo and Mary Jane had a son Oscar Ives WHITMAN b. 1869 in Illinois, he married 1st Josephine DeEtta DUDLEY, 2nd Della VANLUVEN. Oscar and Josie had a son Joseph Frank WHITMAN b. 1892 in St. Charles, Saginaw Co., Michigan he married Lilian Sarah DALEY and they had 2 children DeEtta and Willard WHITMAN.
Tammy Whitman mammyboper1cs.com">mammyboper1cs.com>
Hemlock, MI USA

I'm a grandaughter of Charles B Whitman and what a great website you have created! Sure would have helped him write his book. Keep up the great work.
Diane (Whitman) Dyke sdyke1sympatico.ca">sdyke1sympatico.ca>
Uxbridge, Ontario Canada

I am a descendant of Nathaniel Milton Whitman. You have a picture of Samuel and Anne Whitman and their family on your website and they are related to me. I am looking for information on Nathaniel Milton Whitman and his wife, Martha W. (Anderson) Whitman. My family history stops with them. I would like a lead as to who their parents were and where they came from.
Sondra K. Whitman drwhitjoplin.com">drwhitjoplin.com>
joplin, mo United States

Is Marcus Whitman the husband of Narcissa Prentiss part of your family? please e-mail me at waween_2001yahoo.com
Colleen Caron waween_2001yahoo.com">waween_2001yahoo.com>
Olympia, Washington USA -

Formerly of Coventry,RI,IN KENT COUNTY.
Paul Anthony Whitman Sr. popie15msn.com">popie15msn.com>
Warwick, RI USA -

Searching for information on Amos Joshua Ripley born 6 May 1832 died 16 May 1916 Whitman NE. age 84 and his sister Mary Ellen Ripley married to Richard Rufus Bean she was born 4 Apr. 1842 died 17 May 1916 Whitman NE. There parents were Joseph Ripley and Laura Ann Sutton. Thanks
James Sutten ssuttennetonecom.net">ssuttennetonecom.net>
Mario, MI Osceola -

I am doing a project on Marcus Whitman! He is a really interesting man.

Great site. Thanks for sharing it. My connection: Salome Whitman who married George Armstrong. Their daughter Mary Armstrong is my great great grandmother who married Felix Blackburn, my mother's great grandfather.
James McCarthy jimmccarthysympatico.ca">jimmccarthysympatico.ca>
Ottawa, Ont Canada -

Granddaughter of Marjorie Gertrude (Whitman) Veino, daughter of Rupert Whitman
Shirley L. Hartling shirlronauracom.com">shirlronauracom.com>
Wallace, NS Canada -

My greatgrandmother was Emma J. (Jane E.)Whitman Nichols; she married Jeremiah J. Nichols in Henry County, Ill. They moved to Nebraska in the late 1870's. Her mother, Margaret Whitman, is buried with Jeremiah and Jane at Concord, Nebraska. Census reports show both women as born in Pennsylvania - 1802 and 1836. There was another daughter, Lucy Ann, born in 1834 and a son, Samuel, born in 1837; both in Pennsylvania. Lucy Ann was married to Jacob Karnes in Vanengo Cty, Pennsylvania and they moved to Illinois in 1854. Samuel is in 1900 census of Wayne County, Nebraska;
wife, Esther, and sons, Frank and Erwin.
I would like to correspond with anyone who would have more information or is a descendent of this Whitman family.
Phyllis Higgins

Phyllis M. Higgins higginspmhotmail.com">higginspmhotmail.com>
Ruthven, Ia USA -

Hi....just got your page sent to me from a nephew in Kansas. Wondering if we're somehow related??? I do know that we are related to "Slim" Whitman, the country singer. I'm just looking over your pages now and hope to find out more about the Whitmans. Thanks ANN WHITMAN
Ann & Bill Whitman ann_whitmanhotmail.com">ann_whitmanhotmail.com>
Clare, MI U.S.A. -

I'm a lost Whitman, looking for my home!! I was adopted 61 years ago, but I am a Whitman!! Will email you what I know-maybe someone can help me? I've been looking for 40 years.
now known as Kay De Tar

Phyllis La Vonne Whitman blueladywildapache.com">blueladywildapache.com>
Cottonwood, AZ USA -

Enjoying your web site!!! I am helping my family do some research, and this may help!
"http://danielww.home.mindspring.com/resume.html">Daniel Warren Whitman warren-mbamindspring.com">warren-mbamindspring.com>
Birmingham, AL USA -

Thanks for the research. My family is decended from Dorcas Whitman and Captain David Bears. It is cool to trace the family back so far!!!
sherree smith sherreesuehotmail.com">sherreesuehotmail.com>
Brooklyn, NY USA -

Just found your page while surfing. Look foreward to spending alot of time on it. I can trace my roots to to John Whitman of Weymouth MA. My Grandfather Andrew Campbell Whitman) came "back" to the US with a sister and two brothers in the early 1900s.
Peter Andrew Whitman pwhitpawaol.com">pwhitpawaol.com>
Wakefield, RI USA -

looking for the family of Foerst. My grandmother and grandfather lived in cinncinnati area. i understand they were originnally catholic. Brother came into view when I was in my upper teens. Was told the family was from Alsace La island. l cannot find out more. there were 16 children 12 f and 4 m Not too many aound the area. Would like o find more
nancy l brooks <marlnbcore.com">marlnbcore.com>
port clinton, oh usa -

I love this site and spend time on it every week.
Ronald Howard Whitman ronwhitman40hotmail.com">ronwhitman40hotmail.com>
Brigden, on Canada -

KATIE RANDALL mellow_yellow_randall_10_13_87hotmail.com">mellow_yellow_randall_10_13_87hotmail.com>

Was surfing the net when I came to your site. I am a descendent of Dorothy Whitman whose father was Jacob. She was born in1807 or 8 in Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia and she married John Berry of Bear River, Nova Scotia. When her husband died in 1870 or 1871, she moved to Boston, Mass.Their son , Joseph Howe was my gggrandfather. Does this make me part of the Whitman tree? I would be interested to know any other info avaliable on the Berry side if I am indeed a part of your tree as I am searching for my Berry roots. Maybe you can help me?


Nancy Buck <n-buckshaw.ca">n-buckshaw.ca>
P la P, Man. Canada -

I am always interested in Whitman history ....especially from Annapolis Valley Nova Scotia..........Judy
"3001 Olivet St . Apt#611">Judy Attree (Whitman) pineconelanehotmail.com">pineconelanehotmail.com>
hALIFAX, n.s. Canada -

Was told about this site by relatives living in New Brunswick. Have a hardcopy of Charles' book somewhere around here with mention of my grandparents, but have not found it in this site yet. Will keep looking. Thanks for the resource.
"www.mindspring.com/~whitmana">Allan Richard Whitman allanwhitmanhotmail.com">allanwhitmanhotmail.com>
Fort Myers, FL USA -

I've greatly enjoyed visiting your site! It has been fun to search and research! With more and more websites available, it unites all of us! My direct line goes back to Margaret Whitman (b. 1755) who married Captain Timothy Gibson (b. 1738). They were the the great, great grandparents of my grandmother, Sadie Percy Gibson (b. 1869 - Bridgeton, Cumberland, Maine). It was many years ago (about 38) when I first pulled the book: JOHN WHITMAN OF WEYMOUTH, MASS. AND HIS DESCENDANTS from the bookshelf in the Family History Library in SLC when I was a freshman at BYU. I've been bitten by genealogy ever since! In addition to learning more about our ancestors, we are able to "combine" our efforts and share history, diaries, journals, pictures, etc. which make the past really come to life! Keep up the good work!
Tempe,, AZ -

Thank you for all the contributions over the past year. I am still working to get some of them online!
Check back often to see the changes to WHITMANIA!

"http://whitmania.com">PD Crowe pdpdpdhome.com">pdpdpdhome.com>
Woodbridge, VA USA -

Happy New Year!
"http://www.whitmania.com">PD Crowe pdwhitmania.com">pdwhitmania.com>
Woodbridge, VA USA -

Very interested in your site. My daughter and I have done quite a bit of research.
Sidney Leonard Whitman RoxieWhitmanSidaol.com">RoxieWhitmanSidaol.com>
Fredericton, N.B> Canada -

Glad to know there is serious Whitman research going on out in Internet land. :)

Thank you for your time and service

"http://www.angelfire.com/nc/Sheryl/">Sheryl Whitman Handlin rhandlin">rhandlin>
Hope Mills, NC USA -

I am the granddaughter of Otis and Hilda Rundle Whitman, who settled in Halifax, MA. Otis died early after my mother was born and his brother Harry Whitman then married Hilda. As a teenager, my mother Virginia, Hilda and our family visited relatives in Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia, but they are gone now and I have no idea of the people whom we visited with.This site is excellent.
Priscilla May Mullenix priscillamullyahoo.com">priscillamullyahoo.com>
Harrisville, WV USA -

I am a 12 generation Whitman in the Decesdants of John Whitman of Weymouth, Mass.
My mother was from Mass. and my dad was a Nova Scotia Whitman.

Ronald Howard Whitman ronwhitman40hotmail.com">ronwhitman40hotmail.com>
Brigden, On Canada -

My cousin Rodger Hamilton emailed me about your site.
My grandfather as was his, was George Craft Whitman and my mother Marion Elvina Whitman one of his 10 children who grew up on the farm in Nictaux Falls, N.S. Although Mom doesn't have a computer, I have emailed her friend in the hope that she will contact you as she has completely researched the geneology of the Whitmans from their arrival in North America from Europe. Each summer vacation involved a drive from Ontario to Nova Scotia to visit family and learn about my Mother's roots on the east coast.
Very wonderful site!
Thank you and I plan on visiting regularly to learn more about my Nova Scotia roots. Funny thing about us Whitmans is that we always keep in touch as our roots are a very integral part of our lives.
Richard Whitman Dawdy

'Mailto:"rwdawdyshaw.ca"'>Richard Whitman Dawdy rwdawdyshaw.ca">rwdawdyshaw.ca>

Victoria, BC Canada -

Hi, I had to stop in and visit my song, "Miles to Go". I'm very happy you found a use for it.

Great site, I can't imagine all the hours of dedication and research that went into it. Almost makes me wish my last name were Whitman.


~Alex Bach

"http://www.alexbach.net">Alex Bach alexbach2aol.com">alexbach2aol.com>
Boca Raton, FL USA -

Most interesting information.I was born at Nictaux Falls NSon 24 Mar. 1916 one of ten children Our family is listed on page 716 in the book The Annapolis Valley Whitmans,fathe rs vame was George Craft Whitman
"I do not understand this">Vernon Rupert Whitman Dodowhitmanaol.com">Dodowhitmanaol.com>
Peachland, BC Canada -

Hello Cousins,
I have been doing genealogy in my line for some time now. I felt it was time to give my mother's line a shot and low and behold here are all her cousins. I am so glad I stopped in.This site looks great. Her grandfather is Jesse M.Whitman B. 1856 from Nova Scotia and his two sons Harry Harding Whitman b. Jan. 22,1898 and Otis Whitman b. 1889, both born in Nova Scotia. They all three moved to Halifax, Ma. sometime around 1920 to the best I can figure. Hopefully someone here can help me out. Once again, thanks for all the effort that has gone into this site to help put families back together.
Larry Perkins

Larry Perkins lperkinscitynet.net">lperkinscitynet.net>
Pennsboro, WV USA -

Thanks, JP You need to get your site out to more USA Whitman's.again thanksfor the help ,by putting our message out.
Richard M. Pattison rpattisongis.com">rpattisongis.com>
Weymouth, MA USA -

My mother, Alice, was a Whitman. She was born Oct. 13, 1911
in Nictaux Falls, Nova Scotia and was the 3rd of 10 children
born to George and Ida Whitman. My grandfather George was
born April 28th, 1880. I was very excited to be sent the link to this site
and plan to spend a LOT of time investigating!Thank you so
much for all your work.

Valerie Sundgaardf sundgaartelusplanet.net">sundgaartelusplanet.net>
Standard, AB Canada -

I am the granddaughter of Wilbur James Whitman b. 1899, GGD of Gilbert George Whitman b 1868, GGGD of George Whitman b 1823 and the GGGGD of Samual Whitman b? would love to know more about Samual. These men from NY, Canada and I think England.
stephanie rybicki stephryaltavista.com">stephryaltavista.com>
herndon, va USA -

I have been able to trace back to my 3rd great grand father
Uriah Whitman who came from North Carolina, I'm not sure where.
I spell Whitmon with an o as did my Father James, B KY. His Father John b KY. spelled it with an a. My Great grand Father Pleasant b TN. spelled it with an o also. I'm not sure of William R, b TN. my 2nd GG. Nor am I sure how Uriah spelled it either.
I went to a family reunion a bout 5 years age and there were Whitman's and Whitmon's.
Do you know where my line of Whitman's come from, England or Germany?

Take Care

David J Whitmon

David John Whitmon whitmoavineyard.net">whitmoavineyard.net>
Oak Bluffs, MA USA -

Spinney Family Reunion:

August 17, 2002
Portsmouth, New Hampshire
For more information, please visit:


robert crosby whitman,sr. katonah49aol.com">katonah49aol.com>
Pinehurst, ID USA -

I am a Whitman through Dorinda Whitman married John McDormand and who are my great,great,grandparents. YOUR SITE HAS HELP ME FIND MY ROOTS. THANKS, David Jenkins
David Jenkins dewi-babsprodigy.net">dewi-babsprodigy.net>
Merrimack, n.h. usa -

It is a wunderfull site and I like special your Music.

Please e-mail me if you have something for the family site on the adresse : http://clausen-hansen.dk

Best regard

Erik Clausen

"http://www.clausen-hansen.dk">Erik Clausen erikclausen-dk.dk">erikclausen-dk.dk>
Aabenraa , Soenderjylland, DK Denmark -

I am the direct descendent of:
James Whitman 1815 to 11/8/1875
John Whitman 1836
Leander J. Whitman 7/26/1864 - 3/19/1920
Herbert Clifton Whitman 8/30/1913 - 10/20/1978
If these fine people show up in your family please contact me at ronald_whitmanmas.com

Ronald Jennings Whitman ronald_whitmanmsn.com">ronald_whitmanmsn.com>

Country: Germany Date: Tue Oct 9 18:18:14 2001
Comment: I love your site so much!

Poft Michail

Wed Oct 3 02:47:33 2001
Comment: My grandfather Samuel Whitman,b Hannibal, MO, 1862, M Christina Mangles of Hannibal MO. He was from Paris, MO, and became a "Medicine Man", selling medine through Oklahoma, Mo, and Arkansas. He had six children, and later in life worked in a drug store in Ronoke, VA, being known as "Doc". He died there in 1923. I have been unable to find out anything of his family in Missouri, and although this family does not seem to appear on your articles, maybe someone one can shed some light on him.

Jo Ann Barnes JBarnes316aol.com">JBarnes316aol.com>



Just finished a very nice Thanksgiving dinner with my Parents, Rod & (Sherry.) Also in attendance are Grandparents (Eleanor) & Al Whitman. Al Started talking about the Whitman Family and the 1800's so I snuck out of the room, got on the internet and searched onto this site.

Very interesting way to spend the afternoon.

Now it's time for a box of "Whitman's" chocolates for desert. (My Favorite!)

Jamie Whitman

Jamie Whitman J.Whitmanlightspeed.ca">J.Whitmanlightspeed.ca>
Delta,, BC Canada -

I am researching my husbands family tree and will be attending the 50th wedding anniversary of Nelson and Vivian Whitman of Ottawa on October 20th. We will have an opportunity to learn more of our ancestors at that time and are looking forward to contributing if possible.
Tina Whitman <Whitmantyenet.com">Whitmantyenet.com>
Val Caron, On Canada -

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all. Today we have two Whitman's and their respective families together for this holiday weekend. We are the son and daughter of Alister Whitman and the grand-children of Stella Whitman Hayman of Nova Scotia. We are very excited to learn of this site and are anxious to read further.
Deborah Whitman-Perry dwhitmanperryaol.com">dwhitmanperryaol.com>
Newmarket, ont Canada -

This is wonderful! I can't wait until I can check it all out. Thank you so much.
Bev Penrose bpenrosemoneys.com">bpenrosemoneys.com>
Calgary, AB Canada -

Do you know the starting point for the Whitmans who sailed to Boston or elsewhere?

My grandfather came from England as a young man at the turn of this century; and settled in and around Phila PA. It would be nice to have a least a town at the other end to work.

Rick Whitman <rtwhitmanaol.com">rtwhitmanaol.com>
Indianapolis, IN USA -

Do you know the starting point for the Whitmans who sailed to Boston or elsewhere?

My grandfather came from England as a young man at the turn of this century; and settled in and around Phila PA. It would be nice to have a least a town at the other end to work.

Rick Whitman <rtwhitmanaol.com">rtwhitmanaol.com>
Indianapolis, IN USA -

My husband,John Alonzo Whitman, got me interested in his family tree,almost 50 years ago.His father ,Cyrus Arthur Whitman,was born in Milgrove,Oh. His family moved to eastern Oregon when he was young.We can trace the family back to Thomas Weightman, born in 1380 in leicester,England.I found this site very interesting and will be back again
Betty M Whitman <ilkgsplaol.com">ilkgsplaol.com>
Kalamazoo, Mi Usa -

Dr Marcus Whitman was My Great Great Great Great Uncle... Just found your Site tonight and so far think it is fantastic...
Kalamazoo, MI -

my dad's name was John Alonzo Whitman son of
Cyrus A. Whitman/Josephine Whitman - Joseph Ore.
Cyrus was descended from abrother of Marcus.
Previous searches tie to John Whitman who came to Mass. in 1630's. New at this myself. Dad alway's said Whitman was German spelling of name but search ties us to England 1300's
and the name Weightman (?)

John Scott Whitman bohemianscottmsn.com">bohemianscottmsn.com>
kalamazoo, mi kal. -

Beautiful sight and easy to navigate.
Marsha Willis Patterson denmar68swbell.net">denmar68swbell.net>
Angleton, TX United States -

Name: moonlight_knight_2099hotmail.com">Brock Dishart ( "http://">Homepage)
Country: Canada,Ontario Date: Thu Aug 9 04:07:07 2001
Comment: I liked it and i am Charles B. Whitmans was my great grandfather!!!

Name: moonlight_knight_2099hotmail.com">Brock Dishart ( "http://">Homepage)
Country: Canada Date: Thu Aug 9 04:02:46 2001
Comment: I liked seeing family members from a long time ago it was interesting!

Name: kenandaprilbcsupernet.com">kenneth whitman ( "http://">Homepage)
Country: canada Date: Wed Aug 1 23:05:23 2001
Comment: my paternal ancestors originated in Port DufferinNova Scotia around 1800 decendants ofa valentin Whitman. any connection with the Whitmans on this website?

Name: cliffmombons.sympatico.caNova">cliff & alice mombourquette ( "http://">Homepage)
Country: nova scotia Date: Tue Jul 17 22:19:31 2001
Comment: I am representing Clarice Lina Whitman-Miller d/o Elbert and Jean (Illsley) Whitman.

Name: nwhitmanmsn.com">Norman L. Whitman ( "http://">Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Tue Jul 17 02:35:52 2001
Comment: I am decended from John Peter Whitman, born June 30th, 1805 in Tulpenhoken Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania. His wife was Catharine Anspach and his parents were John and Elisabeth Whitman. I still do not know if I'm of the German, or English branch of the family, but any help would be appreciated.

Name: mcmahonodyssey.net">Heidi Whitman McMahon ( "http://">Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Tue Jul 10 13:06:44 2001
Comment: My maiden name is Whitman and I am researching our family. My interest is in a Martin Whitman, born 1773, married Molly/Polly Ward in Killingworth, CT in 1798? They had 10 children and eventually ended up in Lysander/Jordan NY with an 18 year stop in Freetown NY. Does any of this sound familiar to anyone? I would appreciate the help. Thanks for a great web-site.

Name: ericjlraol.com">Jennifer Ross ( "http://">Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Mon Jul 9 17:16:57 2001
Comment: My grandmother Lillian May Whitman married to Thomas A. Ross was from Kentsville, NS. Both her father and grandfather were ministers in Nova Scotia (her grandfather was the one in our school history books who was killed by the indians with a tomahawk. I know her sister Pauline Whitman Irwin (Monkton) and brother Paul Whitman (Vancover) are both still living in Canada. Every year the Whitman family that we know about have a family reunion in Keene, N.H. at my grandmother's niece's house. My f

Name: rabalaiscarolynaol.com">Carolyn Dailey Rabalais ( "http://">Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Wed Jul 4 15:38:26 2001
Comment: I have been searching my family history of Dailey. I see there was a John Dailey who Married Mary Whitman. I have not found the connection to Ireland or Europe yet. Thanks for your page

Name: lawuwoaol.com">Leona Whitman ( "http://">Homepage)
Country: Date: Tue Jul 3 16:15:25 2001

Name: DNDWhitmanhotmail.com">Whitman, David C. ( "http://">Homepage)
Country: Canada Date: Tue Jul 3 00:18:54 2001
Comment: Did enjoy the tour through the past. I have an abundence of information to add regarding the Whitman's and decendents of Samual&Emma Whitman, of Beaver Harbour, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Name: george.whitmansympatico.ca">GEORGE WHITMAN ( "http://">Homepage)
Country: CANADA Date: Sat Jun 23 14:20:27 2001

Name: rjohnson1bentonrea.com">Debra Johnson ( "http://">Homepage)
Country: usa Date: Mon Jun 18 23:45:16 2001
Comment: My mother in law is a Whitman. She gave me some information about her family and I started looking for her. I know as far back as 1848. I am looking for the parents of John Calhoun Whitman. He married Marcella P. Lacy and had seven kids. Luncinda, Joseph, George, Jeff, Sallie, Minerva, and Eugenia. My mother in law is a decendent from Jeff. He was her grandfather.
Do any of these names sound familiar to you. I think all

Name: abradsocalaol.com">barbara bradley ( "http://">Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Thu Jun 14 22:53:14 2001
Comment: Roy Whitman Enjoyed all his commemts, messages etc. Re: www.shiantet.org/~wightman/. Wade Wightman was my typing & shorthand teacher at Perry High School. I am a descendant of George Whitman (Wightman?) & Phoebe Holly m: 1773 New York. George was born in 1753, Goshen, Orange, New York and Phoebe abt1757 same place. I have been unable to go back any further. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

Name: jreiber603aol.com">JoAnn Whitman Reiber ( "http://">Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Sat Jun 9 23:58:18 2001
Comment: I am sure I am one of these Whitmans as my Whitmans came from England. Do you have any
Whitmans in 1850 Wythe County, Virginia, Grayson,
Va. That is where I found some of my records. We
have John Whitman, Nancy Whitman, David Whitman,
etc. I will keep checking The Whitmania Home Page.
Thank you for all your hard work.

Name: peggyveinottesympatico">Peggy Veinotte ( "http://">Homepage)
Country: Novascotia Date: Wed May 30 16:03:26 2001
Comment: My maiden name was whitman I'm interested in trying to find out more about my family tree
There is so many relatives on my father side that I don't know I would like to know more about

Name: onetwoattcanada">Kortina ( "http://">Homepage)
Country: Canada Date: Wed May 30 09:38:51 2001
Comment: Thank-you so much for all the hard work. All my life I've heard of the book The Annapolis Valley Whitmans. Well reading it I found my family. Seeing my name was great even though spelling is incorrect (ha-ha) I hope to find more ancestors. You site is great.

Name: ">Kortina ( "http://">Homepage)
Country: Date: Wed May 30 09:33:08 2001

Name: hissyfitdowco.com">James G. Whitman ( "http://">Homepage)
Country: Canada Date: Mon May 28 22:41:06 2001
Comment: 13 th. generation of Deacon John, we are busy raising 14 th generation, 4 sons and 1 daughter.

Name: bark1bark2canada.com">Joan Whitman Barkhouse ( "http://www.geocities.com/homelites/dadspage.html">Homepage)
Country: NS,Canada Date: Tue May 22 13:31:13 2001
Comment: Continued: Please visit my website with a page dedicated to my Dad; his picture is near the page's bottom there. Our Dad used to tell us we are related to Walt Whitman, too. You have peaked my interest, and I will try to find time to write up a Whitman Page on my Homelites' Website, as a possible (reciprocal...if worthy), link to your large site.

Name: bark1bark2canada.com">Joan P (Whitman) Barkhouse ( "http://www.geocities.com/homelites/dadspage.html">Homepage)
Country: N. S., Canada Date: Tue May 22 13:28:33 2001
Comment: This is a great endeavor and interesting website! I read the ancestry of Robert Whitman with enthusiasm, as our Dad was John Wm. Murray Whitman of Port Dufferin, N S, which is close to Beaver Harbour. His father was John Will Whitman, and mother was surnamed Kenny. They were a family of 4 sisters and 5 brothers, of which our Dad was the youngest. Please visit my

Name: jwhitmanhvc.rr.com">Jan Whitman ( "http://">Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Tue May 8 16:29:40 2001
Comment: What a pleasure to discover Whitmania. Thank you for all of the hard work! Best, Jan Whitman

Name: george.whitmansympatico.ca">GEORGE WHITMAN ( "http://">Homepage)
Country: CANADA-NOVA SCO Date: Sun May 6 18:58:30 2001

Name: george.whitmansympatico.ca">GEORGE WHITMAN ( "http://">Homepage)
Country: CANADA Date: Thu May 3 01:31:35 2001

Name: WindDancer1214aol.com">Lucy ( "http://">Homepage)
Country: United States Date: Mon Apr 30 20:20:14 2001
Comment: Hey Ya'll!!!! I'm from Georgia....the evil Jenna Land.

Name: jlcccipa.net">Janice Caddy ( "http://">Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Fri Apr 27 01:09:52 2001
Comment: Wonderful site. I haven't found any links to my line yet but will keep checking back.

Name: breezybrayaol.com">Patricia Cattley-Bray "http://hometown.aol.com/breezybray/myhomepage/heritage.html">Homepage)
Country: FL./OR.- USA Date: Wed Apr 25 02:05:50 2001
Comment: Thank You for sharing such a wonderful family history. I found you at CJ's Genealogy Club.

Name: lanimalprodigy.net">Chris D. Whitman "http://">Homepage)
Country: Date: Tue Apr 24 18:37:05 2001

Name: borracho_1hotmail.com">Travis Whitman "http://">Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Wed Apr 18 18:15:37 2001
Comment: Hello,

I was just checking out the Whitman family tree page. I don't know if I tie into the same family tree but I know that I have many cousins on the Eastcoast. My Grandfather was Henry Lee Whitman Sr. He was a Rancher in Tx back in the day. My Father is Henry Lee Whitman Jr. He is now a Tx Ranger. If y'all know anything about my Grandfather or my family tree, I'd sure like to hear about it!

Travis Whitman

Name: chuckw34hotmail.com">Charles E.Whitman "http://">Homepage)
Country: usa Date: Tue Apr 3 23:09:42 2001
Comment: Very interresting site. I view and wonder if I just might be related to some or any of those listed. Have been unable to go very far with my family ancestary.
Sure would like help...

Name: 755bbrightnet.com">jeanette whitman blust "http://">Homepage)
Country: usa Date: Sun Mar 18 20:18:29 2001
Comment: My father was Guy Edward Whitman who lived in west central Ohio in a town called Sidney.

Name: lindamanekehotmail.com">Linda Maneke "http://wwwnetone">Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Sat Mar 17 20:23:27 2001
Comment: Emma Whitman was my great grandmother. Born in Buffalo,NY. 1873. Moved to Mi. at age 5. Have pictures of her parents but no names.

Name: whitman94juno.com">Ray Whitman "http://">Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Fri Mar 16 20:10:05 2001
Comment: Whitmans of Alabama. Levi Whitman was my grandfather he had 13 children. We have a family reunion every year, the first weekend in August. Have been told we are associated with the McNut castle in England, also Slim Whitman. Any info?

Name: froggiez1617aol.com">Melysah "http://aol.com">Homepage)
Country: United States Date: Fri Mar 16 16:52:29 2001
Comment: This was really cool|!!!!

Name: sailereclipse.net">alice whitman sailer "http://">Homepage)
Country: usa Date: Fri Mar 16 15:42:06 2001
Comment: please send e mail adress

Name: dbentnorth.nsis.com">Don Bent "http://">Homepage)
Country: Canada Date: Tue Mar 13 01:06:48 2001
Comment: My gmother was Alice Whitman d/o Ebezener Rice and Susanna Beals.

Name: SNSWESNET.COM">SAM W. REES "http://">Homepage)
Country: UNITED STATES Date: Wed Mar 7 21:04:45 2001

Name: esailersnet.net">Edward N. Sailer "http://">Homepage)
Country: usa Date: Tue Feb 27 03:19:00 2001
Comment: I am the son of Alice Whitman, grandson of Gerald Whitman, great grandson of Clarence Whitman, great-great grandson of John Whitman (1814-1910) b. Nova Scotia, GGG grandson of Elanthan Whitman (1785-1868) and GGGG grandson of John Whitman 1753

Name: creynolds1home.com">Joan "http://">Homepage)
Country: U.S.A. Date: Thu Feb 22 04:40:48 2001
Comment: Looks like a great website. We're just beginning our search for Whitman ancestors. We're starting is South Alabama where we grew up. Our grandfather was Ira Newton Whitman born in the mid 1880's and died in 1971. Any help will be appreciated.

Name: phasstsouthwind.net">Ginger Evans-Hokeness "http://">Homepage)
Country: US Date: Wed Feb 21 09:59:22 2001
Comment: You don't happen to know a bit more on who the
Henry Evans was who wrote the diary of the ship
Molly in 1760? I have many Henry Evanses in my
line around that timeframe and since. Was just
curious if he might be my ggggg grandfather. thx.

Name: odessapamemail.msn.com">pamela whitman falk "http://">Homepage)
Country: uas Date: Tue Feb 13 16:26:55 2001
Comment: father alden born albany ns, grandfather frank. born albany ns canada g grandfather daniel, g grandmother irene gates. interested in knowing more

Name: sruebrentnetzero.net">Rebecca Whitman Koford "http://">Homepage)
Country: usa Date: Thu Feb 8 03:52:20 2001
Comment: Glad to see this website. I am the designated Whitman family historian at the end of our line currently doing research. Thanks so much, I'll be back!

Name: Johnjbp48aol.com">John Perry "http://">Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Sat Feb 3 22:59:26 2001
Comment: I have been trying to fill in the blanks of my Grandmothers family Gladys Whitman, daughter of James, son of Samuel, son of Daniel, son of Jacob, son of John Decon. thank you for you get web site. I'm in the process of documenting the 100 + decendants of Gladys Whitman.

Name: whitmakaol.com">Kurt Whitman "http://">Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Thu Feb 1 21:26:19 2001
Comment: Just checking on all whitman family links. My great,great,great,great grandfather was George Whitman who came from Adams County, Pennsylvania and was one of the founders of Doylestown, Ohio. he may be a realtion to the Annapolis, MD family, however no information exists before the early 1800's

Name: MLGaertner">Marianne Gaertner "http://">Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Sat Jan 27 16:07:46 2001
Comment: I am thrilled to discover this website. I have Whitmans twice over several generations back in my father's family. I now will pull out all my old files and compare notes! Hopefully there is more here that will complete the research I did.

Name: genowomanyahoo.com">Linda Hendricks "http://">Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Wed Jan 17 01:15:38 2001
Comment: Glad to find this page. I've had problems with this line in my husband's family tree. I just found the Dack line in Canada, late last year. SO happy to see this information.

Name: nsmcnayrswbell.net">Nancy S. McNayr "http://">Homepage)
Country: Oklahoma, USA Date: Sun Jan 7 00:13:50 2001
Comment: My husband is a decendant of Boyd McNayr (b 29 Oct. 1778), father to Arod McNayr. Arod married Diadama Whitman in 1840. They lived on Beals Mountain near Lawcetown, N.S. If you need additional information for decendants of Arod and Diadama, please e-mail. Nancy McNayr

Name: AhealyDS9aol.com">Andrea "http://worldconnect.rootsweb.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?db=ahealydsnine1">Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Thu Jan 4 15:53:53 2001
Comment: I enjoy your site very much. I recommend it to all Whitman researchers as it is so entertaining and chock full of information.

Name: ajostaol.com">alison w. jost "http://">Homepage)
Country: united states Date: Wed Dec 27 20:52:03 2000
Comment: Searching for Whitmans of southeast US/Civil War records.
Catoosa County, Ga. records locate Wm. L. Whitman and father, John.
John birthplace records not found so far. What may have happened to recoreds
from Athens, Ga. which is where we first locate JOHN?

Name: jackmac3prodigy.net">jack mckinnon "http://">Homepage)
Country: maine, usa Date: Wed Dec 27 02:07:57 2000
Comment: i was just surfing and came accross your site. i am doing some genealogy on the jones family from barachois, gaspe' quebec. my ggf was a merchant in barachois, he had a couple of partners one named robin and the other was a whitman or a whitehead. of which i cannot say for sure as i only have this info by word of mouth. any connection? just a chance there might be a connection. thanks in advance if we connect. jack

Name: ">Susan "http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~easternpassage/">Homepage)
Country: Nova Scotia Date: Wed Dec 20 01:37:38 2000

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